28th June 2019: made of CONCRETE @ Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)


made of CONCRETE


Date & Time:
28th June 2019 at 11:59pm


Markus Suckut
Brothers Black
Reformed Society
Toni Dextor


Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
In early April we celebrated the labels 4th birthday at Suicide Circus. Now for the summer season made of CONCRETE is back with a compelling lineup which presents you 7 artists from the closer and extended label family.

The main floor is driven by contemporary Techno sounds. Banging tools and hypnotic productions will take your mind and body on a trip through the night.

The open air floor showcases a more eclectic sound universe but stays rooted in the world of House and Techno. In dialogue with the open air feeling this floor will let your body groove.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Markus Suckut – “Portal Episode 01”

MTD – “Urbanum Podcast 002”

Brothers Black – “NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 006”

Reformed Society – “London Heatwave Mix 2018”

Toni Dextor – “… plays made of CONCRETE”

Anachronism – “Progression”

Rebar – “moC Podcast #15”


Rebar – “Hansaviertel”

Markus Suckut – “Your Body”

Toni Dextor – “Control”

Rebar – “Third Bridge”

MTD – “Blue Sugar”

Toni Dextor – “Fracture (MTD Reshape)”

Markus Suckut – “Wonderland (Version)”

Rebar – “#1.1”

Markus Suckut – “Shoreditch”

MTD – “9 AM”

MTD – “Repetitive Visions”


sampler “Batch Plant Vol. 5” on made Of CONCRETE
Markus Suckut’s album “Heaven Is A State Of Mind” on Rekids
Markus Suckut’s EP “SCKT04” on SCKT
Toni Dextor’s EP “Fracture” on made Of CONCRETE
Toni Dextor’s EP “Decompose” on OFF Recordings
MTD’s EP “Missing Hours” on made Of CONCRETE
MTD’s EP “Essential 001” on Methodical
Rebar’s EP “Lost In New York City” on Rebar
Rebar’s EP “Hansaprohlis” on made Of CONCRETE
Brothers Black’s EP “Marianas” on Voxnox
Brothers Black’s EP “E-150” on Safer At Night|Brothers Black


Suicide Circus


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