[Mix]: Dahlia – NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2019




Pushed in front of the scene only a few months ago, the black phenomena Dahlia is knowing a lightning expansion thanks to a shattering exploration of darkness.

The electronic research and agonizing expression of sadness makes him one of those who needs to be listen to understand Black. « Stay black »


Listen & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2019”


01. Wolfsheim – The Sparrow And … (Ode To The Night Remix)
02. Incident prism – Violent resurrection
03. Mariel Ito – Sintex49
04. Manni Dee – Hostile Environment
05. End of Mortal Life – Korventenn
06. QUAL – Rip Doth Thy Scarlet Claws
07. Scalameriya & VSK – Realgar
08. Locked Club- Punk Navsegda
09. Unknown artist – Unreleased
10. Eschaton – Answer My Prayer
11. CVK – Geller Bends
12. HAT-R – Heiß
13. Keikari – Roska
14. Blind Delon – Rule I
15. Umwelt – Tremblement
16. Unit Black Flight – Shortwave Radio Antenna … (Antoni Maiovvi Remix)
17. Kuetzal – Their Game (Anthro Remix)
18. Sharplines – Sacred Bullet
19. Poison Point – Oblivion
20. Dahlia – Unreleased
21. Holygram – Still There


Dahlia’s “Shades Of Black EP” on Märked
Dahlia’s track “Apoptosis” as free download
Dahlia’s track “Les Papillons Noirs” as free download




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