14th June 2019: Counterweight x Fast Forward @ Rote Sonne, Munich (Germany)


Counterweight x Fast Forward


Date & Time:
14th June 2019 at 11:00pm


Gonzo MDF
Marco H


Rote Sonne, Munich (Germany)


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Press Info:
Everybody knows that Copenhagen’s Techno scene is absolutely on fire and among others, the Fast Forward crew is one of the leading protagonists. That’s why we decided to have a special night with two of their members, Sugar (for the first time in Munich) and Repro (impossible to forget his live set last year).

Sugar is a Copenhagen native, producer, DJ and co-founder of Fast Forward Productions, whose raves in the city triggered the formation of a strong, fast techno focused community in the city before going on to achieve international recognition. Fast Forward’s sound and Sugar’s sound are one and the same: mercilessly fast, groovy, melodic and pounding. Sugar recently released his debut EP, No Sex Only Feelings, on Repro’s Euromantic label, and he also contributed two tracks to Kulør 001, the acclaimed first release on Courtesy’s Kulør label.

Repro co-runs the Euromantic label and is one half of Funeral Future. In his solo guise he makes some of the most accomplished, striking and muscular music on the scene, fusing his techno instincts with a deep, formative love of EBM. A compulsive music-maker who has produced hundreds of tracks in his time, Repro has released EPs on Freddy K’s KEY Vinyl, Courtesy and Mama Snake’s Ectotherm and Count 0, Euromantic’s predecessor label. Repro’s music is urgent, unapologetic techno and his DJ sets a maximalist celebration of the Copenhagen sound, often containing tracks made by himself especially for the occasion.

Besides the boys from Copenhagen, the kids from Counterweight Marco H and Gonzo MDF will bring their hottest gems in the record bags for this special night, where the label celebrates also the recent release by RVDE.

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Event @ Resident Advisor


Sugar – “Crack Mix 276”

Repro – “Bassiani invites … / Podcast #54”

Gonzo MDF – “Owt’s Podcast 129”

Marco H – “FACETS Podcast | 025”


Sugar – “Spoken Worm”

Repro – “Hot Lead Payoff”

Sugar – “Dark Side Of The Spoon”

Repro – “Amain To Live”


compilation “Kulør 001” w/ Sugar and Repro tracks on Kulør
sampler ” Feeding The Chaos ” w/ Sugar and Repro tracks on Kaos
compilation “ISMVA001.3” w/ Sugar and Repro tracks on Ismus
Gonzo MDF’s “Chronophobia EP” on Counterweight


Rote Sonne


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