out now: Buried Secrets – Abandoned In Destiny EP [Codec 992]


Buried Secrets


Abandoned In Destiny EP


Codec 992




Release Date:
07th June 2019 (beatport)
21st June 2019 (all stores)





Take Control

Abandoned In Destiny

Ballad Of Fallen Angels

Take Control
(Henning Baer Remix)


Press Info:
After setting the tone with two initial releases by Peryl & Ike Dusk, Codec 992 returns with a straight five tracker by Buried Secrets on their third release called „Abandoned In Destiny“.

Under a different alias, the artist behind Buried Secrets should already be a familiar figure to many techno fans. For the Buried Secrets project, he made the conscious decision to keep things anonymous and let the music speak for itself – And with the likes of Dax J among early supporters, it seems his music speaks very clearly. On “Abandoned in Destiny”, Buried Secrets unearths previously dismissed musical influences, drawing inspiration from the tough sounds of techstep drum & bass.

The five track EP relentlessly pushes forward at a fast pace, from the highly energetic, ravy opener “Stormcloaks”, through the equally fast paced bangers “Take Control” and the titular “Abandoned in Destiny”, to the intricate drumming and trance-esque breaks of “Ballad Of Fallen Angels” – Over the course of its first four tracks, Abandoned in Destiny sounds like a well-balanced, strobe fuelled, peak time techno set.

To round things off, Henning Baer contributes his remix of “Take Control” as the fifth and final track. Baer skilfully turns the original into a broken, decidedly slower electro cut, playfully defying the listeners expectations.


Full Track Streaming:


Ike Dusk’s “Coded Structures EP” on Codec 992
Peryl’s “Not Yours EP” on Codec 992


Buy Digital:
Beatport Classic
more soon


Buried Secrets
Codec 992


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