out now: Sensive – The Millennial Mile EP [Märked]




The Millennial Mile EP






Release Date:
03rd June 2019




The Millennial Mile


Rinse And Defeat

The Millennial Mile
(DJ Ibon Remix)

(SDB Remix)


Press Info:
According to our statistics, most of our listeners are millennials: the people born in between 1980 and 2000. Sensive – who also grew up in the 90s – walks the same road and has also experienced the evolution of technology at a high pace, much like an invasion.

Also reflected in the urgency of his music, the direction of Sensive’s second EP is paved by the function of power and groove. Even though the EP as a whole is quite abrasive, the bridge to accessibility is present by each track having an understandable rhythm and groove build with a lot of percussive elements.

Starting the EP with title track “The Millennial Mile”, a contagious funky bass line driven forward by multiple details of percussion. From the mid part onwards a synthesizer is used to have short stabs emphasize the synergy between the rhythm of the kick and bass.

In “Barricade” there is kick-pummeling and rolling sub-basses drowned in a whirlpool of a cold and rugged soundscape. Organic wooden percussion drives the groove forward at a clanking 136 beats per minute.

“Rinse And Defeat” has the most distortion going on but there’s also a lot of swing at play. Characterized by a churning bass-line this stomper is grounded in a timeless aesthetic with amplified screeches that would have a lot of warehouses’ sound systems turned inside out.

Known for his iconic tracks on Kulør and Ectotherm, also featured on the EP is an obscure remix by one of Copenhagen’s most interesting artists. Here DJ Ibon creates an enigmatic scenery and the outlining of a desolate atmosphere and vibe which makes for a perfect fit for the closing of a set.

Closing the EP with a SDB remix of “Barricade”. Next to his everlasting supply of funk, he is back on Märked with his signature sound by multiplying the sample of Sensive’s pad and remodeling it to something majestic we previously heard in his last release with us




Full Track Streaming:

“Rinse And Defeat”

“The Millennial Mile (DJ Ibon Remix)”

“Barricade (SDB Remix)”

more soon


“Rinse And Defeat”


“Intercell With Tim Tama + Sensive”


Dahlia’s “Shades Of Black EP” on Märked
SDB’s “Restrepo EP” on Märked
Dark Matter Space Assembly’s “Screams Of Hate EP” on Märked
Pier’s “Divided Attention EP” on Märked
Torgue’s “Barong EP” on Märked


Buy Digital:
Märked @ Bandcamp
more soon




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