out now: Steve Bicknell – Constant Movement [Granulart]


Steve Bicknell


Constant Movement


Granulart Recordings




Release Date:
10th May 2019


vinyl & digital


Constant Movement

Constant Movement
(Oscar Mulero Remix)

Game of Existence


Press Info:
6dimensions founder Steve Bicknell teams up with Granulart Recordings to release two slamming techno cuts entitled ‘Constant Movement’ including a remix from PoleGroup’s Oscar Mulero.

Bicknell has been at the forefront of the UK’s electronic music scene since its infancy. His career spanning over a 25-year period has seen him release a number of standout records on his Cosmic Records imprint before starting his 6dimensions label some years later which acts as a home for his newer releases. Steve Bicknell’s productions truly embody his no-nonsense approach to music, delivering energetic yet captivating sonics which also fluidly translates into his DJ sets. ‘Constant Movement’ sees Steve join Kessell’s Granulart Recordings following the likes of Developer, Oscar Mulero, Head Dress and the label boss himself.

‘Constant Movement’ kicks things off with modulated stabs fused with pounding kick drums and a rumbling bassline pulsating underneath before the legendary Oscar Mulero and PoleGroup founder adds slick percussion, soaring oscillations and warped sound-design to his remix of ‘Constant Movement. ‘Game of Existence’ then rounds things off with intricate, machine-like tones balanced with piercing synth notes and convoluting resonance.




Full Track Streaming:
“Constant Movement”

“Constant Movement (Oscar Mulero Remix)”


“Constant Movement (Oscar Mulero Remix)”

Video made by the29nov films


“djmag Podcast 94”


“Mind Patterns” by Steve Bicknell on 6dimensions
“Awakening The Past” by Steve Bicknell on 6dimensions
“Modes Of Thought” by Steve Bicknell on 6dimensions
“Process” by LSD (Luke Slater + Steve Bicknell + Function) on Ostgut Ton
compilation “Facticity” on Infrastructure New York
compilation “Structurs And Solutions 1996-2016” on BluePrint Records
sampler “Berghain 7 | Part 1” w/ Steve Bicknell track on Ostgut Ton
sampler “Berghain 7 | Part 2” w/ Steve Bicknell track on Ostgut Ton


Buy Vinyl:
Red Eye Records
more soon


Buy Digital:


Octopus Agents


Steve Bicknell
Granulart Recordings


© Photo By Manbo Key

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