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Tomas Kunkel


Born in 1995, Tomas began his relationship with music from an early age, attracted by sounds from the 80s, Punk, New Wave, Synth Pop and Kraftwerk as main influences. At the age of 12, he began his first steps in producing music, a factor that would boost and provide an advantage in his career over the years.

Tomas currently has released vinyl on labels like Dyad (United Kingdom) and GKNSTR (Germany), cassette format on Sticky Ground (United Kingdom) and several digital releases on labels like Armed, Holliday addicts, SR-IE, Gomboc Records (Argentina), Off White Records (Italy) and Ata Series (Chile). His tracks have been played in various clubs around the world by artists such as Dimi Angelis, DJ Pete aka Substance, Carl Craig, Patrik Skoog, Stainslav Tolkachev, Markus Suckut, Answer Code Request, Laurent Garnier and Ben Gibson; among others.

He continues to improve his style, mostly linked to the old school and mainly focused on creating an unique and state-of-the-art electronic sound.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2019


01. MYRNA – Bellyache Dreaming
02. Synectics – Bulkx
03. Stephen Brown – Byte 2
04. Julixo – Dancefloor Language Is Like Parcel
05. Héctor Oaks – Fowarded State Of Evidence
06. Juan Trujillo – Living In The Future (Looper Interpretation)
07. Luis Ruiz – Fires Of Molech
08. Max Duley – Raw
09. Tomas Kunkel – Without A Choice
10. Unknown Artist – アルマアーディエンド
11. Tomas Kunkel – Rhythm Track
12. Richard Polson – SF007 B3
13. Frankie Bones – Ghetto Technics 2 A2
14. Tomas Kunkel – Mental Rave
15. Héctor Oaks – Improved Motto
16. Markus Suckut – Scoria (DVS1 Remix)
17. Kraftwerk – Computer World 2


EP “Red Dots For Everyone” on Kunkelium
sampler “Azzurra EP” w/ Tomas Kunkel track on Alk Recordings
sampler “V/A 1.0” w/ Tomas Kunkel track on Knowledge Imprint


Tomas Kunkel


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