out now: Niclas Erlandsson – Subdued By Reality EP [Bipolar Disorder]


Niclas Erlandsson


Subdued By Reality EP


Bipolar Disorder




Release Date:
22nd April 2019




Subdued by Reality

Subdued by Reality
(Rune Bagge Remix)

Of Color Restrained

Of Color Restrained
(Subjected Remix)


Press Info:
Niclas Erlandsson is striving for a more brutal and ruthless version of the typical Swedish techno sound. He delivers percussion-driven, aggressive and relentless techno that stupefies the listener to submit to the rhythm.

His natural habitat is placed next to Rebekah, Dasha Rush, Perc and Dax J. Foregoing melody for pummeling and perpetual tracks with a mixture of techno, acid, EBM and breakbeats.

Emerging on the scene in 2016 with ‘Trollskog’ EP, remixed by rraph, subsequently gaining him massive recognition from community peers such as Slam, Flug, Amotik, A.Mochi and many, many more. His high standards, dedication to the craft and eagerness to experiment with new techniques results in quality techno, as evidenced by his releases on Gynoid Audio, Elektrax Recordings and Counter Pulse. (among others)

At this point Niclas was still living in Sweden, tired of the stale scene, he and two friends started throwing underground parties reminiscent of the 90’s, in abandoned warehouses and winecellars. With 11 years of DJing experience he have played alongside the likes of Planet Rhythm founder Glenn Wilson and Mattias Fridell.

As a young and emerging producer, Niclas vision is simple; redefine expectations of what ‘Swedish techno’ is and become a reference point in the techno industry.


Full Track Streaming:


“FONDUE #003”


all stuff on Bipolar Disorder


Buy Digital:
Bipolar Disorder @ Bandcamp
more soon


Niclas Erlandsson
Bipolar Disorder


© Photo By Nicolas Jabot

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