[NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]: Dille plays Wrongnotes




About the concept:
Here is the seventy-ninth instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Dille’s mix of tracks released on Wrongnotes.


About Dille:
Christopher Dillgen aka. Dille is an artist based in Berlin.

He came into touch with Techno music while he was studying in Halle (Saale), where he also became a part of the root collective.

His sound is strongly influenced by the dark and raw aesthetics of his favorite Event, the Pornceptual.


About Wrongnotes:
Destruction is a form of creation.

Established in the heart of Paris 2017, Wrongnotes is an electronic techno label.

We believe that variety alongside style is indispensable and that every artist, proficient enough of going beyond what they’re normally capable of, deserves a chance, and that’s precisely what we are here for.

Throughout each release, we look for artists that are capable of showing us their entire musical spectrum all while preserving their own perspective of electronic techno music.

Our intention is simple: deliver a musical vision that gives our listeners a palette of musical colors.

Text from Wrongnotes’ Soundcloud


Listen & Download:
“Dille plays Wrongnotes” (download coming soon)


Dille About His Choice:
For me, WrongNotes is the kind of powerful, heavyweight industrial Techno that I loved from the first moment. That I own every of their releases speaks for itself.


01. Makornik – We Have Lost Our Way (Haedes & Paramod Remix)
02. Draugr – Stuke
03. Gijensu – Tactical Sacrifice
04. Bleim01 – Blind (Empyrean Remix)
05. LNA – Dust
06. Makornik – Acrimonious Scar
07. Haedes – House OF Terror
08. Makornik – Destroying The Trend
09. LNA – Squandering
10. Interferon – Fraud
11. Makornik – Wasteland
12. Draugr – Axis Mundi
13. Interferon – No Trust
14. Spastik – Cvnt
15. Fuerr – Niglo (LNA Remix)
16. Hakko – Little Boy




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