11th April 2019: Folgsamkeitfaktor Label Showcase #1 @ Urban Spree, Berlin (Germany)


Folgsamkeitfaktor Label Showcase #1


Date & Time:
11th April 2019 at 09:00pm


Blush Response live
Sirio Gry J
t_error 404 live
Red Nailmaker live


Urban Spree, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Wunderblock Records, in a partnership with Berlin-based ready made Distribution, would like to present its new vinyl sublabel Folgsamkeitfaktor [FSFR]. The new sublabel will be focused on heavy industrial and EBM-influenced technopunk sound.

With a first release scheduled for this spring, we plan series of the new label showcases in Berlin, Moscow and St.Petersburg.

The first Showcase is hosted by Berlin’s cult industrial and rock venue – Urban Spree.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor




Blush Response – “Reclaim Your City 321”

Sirio Gry J – “Ready Made Selection #5”

Wunderblock – “JAB/004”

t_error 404 – “Resonance #170”


Blush Response’s EP “Body Architect” on Aufnahme+Wiedergabe
Blush Response’s album “Reshaper” on Ant-Zen
Sirio Gry J’s EP “Posthuman Condition” on Monolith Records
Sirio Gry J’s “Agony EP” on Liber Null




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