[Mix]: Caleb ESC – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2019


Caleb ESC


“Deep dark and pumping – and psychodelic!“ – that is how Caleb Esc’s sound has been described in the past, rather minor than major. Others call it Techno! You would probably find him djing on  dark floors – like in ://about blank, where he’s playing regularly, especially as he’s having the „honour“ and „big luck“ to have been adopted and supported by the „amazing“ STAUB-family in 2014, where he’s holding a residency since. This residency also opened international floors, eg. in Mexico City, Copenhagen, Milan, Budapest. His vita also counts appearances in Berghain, Tresor and IfZ. 

For Novafuture Caleb ESC provides an eclectic vinyl-mix. Deep, dark and pumping – and psychodelic. #nofilter


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2019


01. Cirkle – Cygnus
02. Rene Wise – Spirit Molecule
03. Bleak – Ekko (Markus Suckut Remix)
04. Mike Davis – Antimimesis 2
05. Leandro Gamez – Qssett (Tensal Remix)
06. Abstract Divison – Floating Point
07. Kølpøs – Fractal
08. Leiras – Ruins of Dignity
09. Cirkle – Oblate Spheroid
10. Jonas Kopp – The Quantic Room
11. Kessell – Physik
12. Kike Pravda – Dark Energy
13. Shlømo & AWB – Arcades
14. Keikari – Logica
15. X-Crashed – Pre-Gentrified
16. Lewis Fautzi – Ionic Bonding
17. Exium – Subshell (Pfirter Remix)
18. Gareth Wild – Limehouse Cut (VSK Remix)


Caleb ESC


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