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About the concept:
Here is the seventy-fifth instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Vertige’s mix of tracks released on Affin.


About Vertige:
Vertige is an up and coming Techno DJ/Producer based in Ankara, Turkey. His background in vast music genres (from classical music to metal) influence his style of playing.

Also being the co-founder of the new electronic music organisation “Cérémonie”, he aims to create a ceremonial spirit, a sacramental feeling on the crowd with his selections.


About Affin:
Yes, now it has been a decade since i started my own label. It pretty much mirrors my state of mind, my emotions, and my personal development.

Of course, it’s not just my story; numerous artists shaped the label with their music, shared thoughts and ideas…to look back now, it feels like a journey. At the beginning, the only rule was to experiment and to develop naturally with open minds and in a friendly way. To feel independent from others’ opinions or trends guided us in every step we made with Affin throughout the years.

The last two years has shaped the music and the approach of the label on an emotional level. This removes the separation between home and club, which motivates me more than ever.

Text about the 10th anniversary in 2017 taken from Affin website


Listen & Download:
“Vertige plays Affin” (download coming soon)


Vertige About His Choice:
I have always loved the noisy, dark side of Affin, even before I started DJing. The label boss Joachim Spieth, Arnaud Le Texier, Ness and the other artists were a true inspiration for me.

The hypnotic and spirited rythms of the tracks always hit the crowd from the deepest chamber of their hearts. No matter what the context is, I try everytime to drop an Affin track in my every set.

I would like to thank all the artists those who have contributed to the construction of the modern sound of Affin.


01. Ismael Pinkler – Desde el Sonido
02. Joachim spieth – Shadows
03. Reggy Van Oers – Sinuosity
04. Reggy Van Oers – Sinuosity (Ness Remix)
05. Toki Fuko – The signal
06. Joachim Spieth – Never Mind (The Plan Worker Remix)
07. Keith Carnal – Analysis
08. Keith Carnal – Objective
09. Arnaud Le Texier – Synthese
10. Egor Boss – Inversion (Jeroen Search Remix)
11. Electric Rescue – Eridani
12. Joachim Spieth – Luciferin
13. Markus Guentner – Hansha


“Under The City” by Joachim Spieth on Affin
“Aidan” by Joachim Spieth on Affin




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