22nd February 2019: DiScIpLiNe #2 @ Void, Berlin (Germany)


DiScIpLiNe #2


Dates & Time:
22nd February 2019 at 11:00pm


/ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ hybrid set
Operant live
Binary Disruption
Tempus Fugit


Void, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
10 EUR


Press Info:
Dicipline goes on! Let me introduce u the one and only A/Ona.

The event Drone-Tekno Industrial Injection, took place at Subland (now VOID), in 2012. Drone party was a pioneering example of quality and innovation within the musical fields of dark techno, post industrial, rhythmic noise and experimental, brand new sounds. A/Ona was the founder/curator and Dj resident. We are now welcoming A/Ona as curator of the ‘Kerosene’ room and Dj resident at Discipline. Stay tuned. It’ll be deadly.

Berlin-based live duo and production unit, OPERANT, have progressively carved out their own space in the scene with boundary-defying electronic explorations, fueled with tension and obscurity. A collaborative project between Instruments of Discipline founder, Luna Vassarotti and August Skipper, OPERANT have been serving a selective stream of output through the label with a focus on Techno, Noise and Experimental. Characterised by unrestrained experimentation, the project brutally morphs itself as it pleases, both in performance and in the studio.OPERANT’s live shows are a collision between the body and machines, encompassing gestural noise, power tools, mic’d metal fragments, synths, drum machines and dual vocals distorted to the point of surreality. Since their inception OPERANT have been consistently touring, sharing stages across Europe, Asia, Australia and Russia with Ancient Methods, Unhuman, Blush_Response, Vatican Shadow, The Bug, Giant Swan, Schwefelgelb, An-i, Trepenaringsritualen, Kollaps & Brighter Death Now.

Binary Disruption
The sound of this Berliner combo (Sirio Gry J and MXM) is a massive black hole at the center of a globular cluster will tidally disrupt binaries that pass sufficiently close. Such an encounter results in the capture of one binary component by the black hole and ejection of the other star. A black hole disrupts one binary every 1-10 Myr; captured stars orbit with initial periods of days to decades. Although >~100 stars are captured in only 1 Gyr, the number with periods of <10 yr at any one time is probably less than 10, regulated by stellar interactions and tidal disruption by the black hole. Binary disruption and stellar capture should be critically examined with detailed numerical simulations, in order to corroborate the analytic results given here and to weigh possible observational consequences.

A/Ona is a musician, DJ and party promoter. Since moving to Berlin in 2006 she has developed diverse projects, including the launch of Poopsy Club, an underground party that formed and inspired queer identities and experiences in Berlin. As a drummer and bassist she played in the punk band Fucking Barbies (Rome), The Belmondos (Berlin), Dark Skies Association (with Molly Nilsson) and Mary and the Baby Cheeses (with Mary Ocher). In 2012 A/Ona created the event Drone Berlin of which she was the artistic curator and DJ resident. A/Ona is the head chef of the musical project HOW, as well as the co-founder of the no longer active experimental duo TOISE.

Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit, the initiator and creator of Discipline, started a serious and deep interest in electronic, dark and experimental music in the late nineties. Influenced by Kraftwerk and others, like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, The Klinik, S.P.K., Test Dept., Throbbing Gristle and many many more he began to DJ in the early 2000s at Goth-Parties in Halle. Moving to Berlin in 2005 opened his mind and the view on Techno, the dark side of Techno. The “missing link” between all of this makes it not only a journey, it makes a dark ride out of his sets. He always says, it is just logical, if u listened to Industrial, Noise and dark ellectronic music, there is a way that brings u directly to Techno. The challenge is to bring it together. He found a way.

Suzanne began a serious interest in music as a drummer in punk, goth, black metal bands at an early age. In 2010 he moved to Bologna, where he worked for the Decadence. It was during this period he got in touch with the Darkwave, EBM, Industrial, Minimalwave, Synthpop. In the end of 2013 he moved in Berlin where he was introduced to the world of techno. Listening to Drumcell and Subjected, brought him to this dark space so he decided to buy his firsts turntables, cdjs and mixer and start to produce his own music. Right now Suzanne runs the “infamous” underground-event Interzone. He is currently working on the music and video production.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


/ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ – “Sounds From NoWhere Podcast #031”

Operant – “Клубкаст №4”

A/Ona – “SLVMIX045”

Tempus Fugit – “Music & Interview [NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]”

Suzanne – “Strictly Forbidden 13”

Binary Disruption – “Monolith Podcast #35”


Operant – “Choke Template”

Operant – “Chancellory”


compilation “Various Artists III” w/ Operant track on RND. Records
compilation “Eating From The…” w/ Operant track on Instruments Of Discipline




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