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Inhalt Der Nacht


Christoph Heinze aka Inhalt Der Nacht formerly known as Escape To Mars, the founder of the labels Modul & Lebendig



Hi Christoph, cool to have finally an interview with you. We know each other for a few years now. I discovered your Escape To Mars track “Apollo” on the Wall Music compilation and fell in love with it immediately. Then you “had to” make a mix for my regular series (listen here). That was in 2014 but we needed one more year to meet personally. After all this time we worked together on several things. In the meantime you also set up a new alias, Inhalt Der Nacht, and a new label called Lebendig (after running Modul for several years). The cause for doing this interview is your trip to Cuba where you scored a theatre show. So let‘s start from the very very beginning. Please tell us something about your youth. Where and how did you grow up? When did you discover music and what kind of music did you like being a teenager? Which moment/thing/situation impressed you so much to start your DJ and producer career?
Hi Jürgen ! Thanks for the invitation. Wow it is already 4 years ago? Crazy. A lot of things happened during that time. So lets start, I grew up in Pankow it is in the east side of Berlin. We lived there in a nice flat with a garden it was really beautiful, I was nearly all my freetime outside with my friends doing some stuff in the nature. I was already listening a lot of rock music there because my parents loved this music so much. When I was 11 my parents want to move to a own house in a small village next to Berlin. Until I was 16 my year when I moved completely back to Berlin it was a really hard time I was listening to a lot of german rap music and was doing this graffitti shit like all the young bad boys. With 15/16 I discovered more and more the electronic music, it was fun since the beginning. A little funny story from the Village is that Repressed Mind was my neighbor and we startet together playing vinyls in his house every week. But yeah then I had to move back to Berlin because I’m a city kid. First i lived at my moms place and then I started working a bit and got my first own flat in Pankow with 17. Since then I was listening Techno music every day and not so many days later I went to tresor club for the first time , this was the night i decided to become a DJ. It was just amazing to see all the people going crazy and dancing in the direction of the artist. A really magic moment for me. And then everything rolled on , I got my first vinyl players and played sets at home, was making party every fucking weekend. With 18 I had to stop, because I got cancer. That was changing me 100%. I startet to produce a bit for me in the hospital because the music was the only thing what made me smile a bit. After I won the fight and I was well again I knew I always want to make music.

(Inhalt Der Nacht in Cuba)
I already mentioned it above. You got a lot of attention with your project Escape To Mars and the label Modul. Since a while you also have used the moniker Inhalt Der Nacht. What are the main differences between both projects? Why did you set up a new name (the identity was a secret at the beginning and revealed by our “Music & Art” feature)? As we know you want to stop the Escape To Mars activities. What are the reasons for this?
I mean I had a great time with my ETM project and the Modul label but Music whise I had the feeling to change, everything sounded a bit the same for me and I didnt had any creative idea anymore. In the label we had also some trouble which was making us all go our own ways. Thanks again on that point to everyone involved for an unforgettable time. But I wanted to go back to my Rock routes, I wanted to do some harder stuff and also all this EBM, Wave stuff which fascinated me always. So I sitted at home and did some music like my Rausch track. I thought okay this is was makes me happy so I did go on with that stuff.

(“Intergalactic Error” by Escape To Mars on Vault Series)
The music of IDN is dark and very EBM influenced. It is a big trend at the moment leading to a large article on Resident Advisor. What do you think are the reasons for such development? Most of the DJs are very young like Phase Fatale or Kobosil and not directly connected with the scene in the 80ies. What is your personal reason for enjoying such music and also playing it?
Yeah now it becomes a bit trendy at the moment, a lot of shit music but you still can find the special ones. I dont know whats the reason for it but for me it sounds always powerful like nitzer ebb for example , this voice is unique. It gives me always the feeling to have the strength to change something.

(Cuba, photographed by Inhalt Der Nacht)
Please tell us something about your 10 favourite EBM-like tracks/records (name them and give a short idea why they are important for you).
01. Ich Steh im Regen (Room 506 Edit) by Deutsch Nepal
02. Die Liebe by Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October
03. Dark Allies by Light Asylum
04. Your Master Is Calling by Pink Turns Blue
05. Assassin by Blind Delon
06. Malarone by Linea Aspera
07. I.B.M. by Fractions
08. Aletheia by Zanias
09. Looking For Tina by Dax J
10. Red Clouds by Parallx
11. all Lebendig stuff 😉

(“Die Liebe” by Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October on Lebendig)
Now we have a few tracks from this genre we like. Please share your thoughts about them!

01. TVOD by The Normal
02. Ricky’s Hand by Fad Gadget
03. Im Rhythmus Bleiben by Front 242
04. Violent Playground by Nitzer Ebb
05. Body Pressure by Terence Fixmer
06. Alle Gegen Alle by DAF
07. Spoken Ashes by Phase Fatale
08. Can You Hear The Sound? by The Horrorist
09. Opus Dei by Laibach
10. Nag, Nag, Nag by Cabaret Voltaire
11. Hot On The Heels Of Love by Throbbing Gristle
12. My Pornoshow by Schwefelgelb
13. Second Mission by Adam X
14. Botox by Motor
15. Cold by VNV Nation

It’s hard to pick some faves out but yeah all this tracks are amazing, the beats, the vocals, the melodys. Outstanding. Just listen to them and try to feel this power I was writing about in the question before.

(our selection of EBM/Industrial tracks played to IDN on Spotify, yt soon)

As said before you run two labels, Modul and Lebendig. Tell us something about your ideas when you started Modul, back in 2015. And what changed so you felt the necessary to et up another one? What’s the intention of the new label? What do you like about running a label and what do you hate?
I always liked to do my own stuff and then share it with like-minded people. I founded the first label “Modul” in 2013 and to be honest I was in my early 20’s and I had no idea how to do it. I was driven by my gut feeling on which I could sometimes rely more and less. In the course of time, we were then 5 artists and with the growing success, of course, the responsibility grew which then I could not quite withstand some private problems. Our troupe then lived apart, but each of us, whether in music or personal life, has gone a great way as far as I could observe, and after some time past, some of us have reconnected to others but growing level.

After a lot of changes in my musical output, new alias, new music, new ways, I had a great desire to start something new again which then feels more like me again and at the same time I got to know Echoes Of October , We were fast on the same wavelength and shared many of the same thoughts. Our first common track was “meat life” and was really successful over the next few months which we never thought would happen. But yes it was clear we should definitely do the label together.

To conclude this question, I would say launching my own label has a lot of good stuff, a lot of hard stuff and you should never underestimate that at any rate today. But what I like the most is that you can bring together young talented artists and you can support each other in everything you can do and make new friends and celebrate damn cool label nights.


(former Modul member Repressed Mind plays Modul tracks)
But let’s finally talk about your Cuba trip. How did it happen? Who organized it? How was it?
I met someone in Bochum who was really a crazy power package with a good heart. His name is Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo. We understood directly and had a lot of fun together. One day he told me he was doing such a dance thing in Cuba and asked me if I would like to compose the music for it. I said yes and yet I could not imagine anything that awaits me. In August it was time, arrived on the island I was very excited. He showed me parts of the choreography and I sketched out my first ideas. The play was called “Second Skin” and dealt with the problems of the island that were behind the whole tourism, money problems, rape, oppression and so on. It took me 3 days to complete the music, really little but I was able to empathize with the topic quite well because we could experience it close up through the city and living with Him at home. After that I decided to play the music live, that was something new for me that I have never done before. about two weeks we had time now to practice the whole piece and let everything merge and then he was there, the day of the premiere. Everyone was excited and a little tense. The theater was full of people, I think almost sold out. The show itself passed quickly, as if in a rush, When everything went well then everyone was super happy, we had standing ovations and that was a piece that was very provocative and different for the Cuban culture.

Now that I could reflect on everything, I have to say that it was my musical but most beautiful challenge. Just dive into a completely different scene, so far away from home. I am so immensely grateful for that. The whole “Danza Contemporánea de Cuba” has such good dancers with such wonderful personalities. My respect goes to each and every one of you.

My plan now is to grow a little bit in the theater world as well. And the next plans already exist.

At this point I would like to special thank Julio, his whole family and all the dancers for this unforgettable time.


(Inhalt Der Nacht scoring ‘Danza Contemporánea De Cuba’, an video extract)
We just had an interview with Hioll, one of the guys behind the first Cubian techno label Abstraction, who told us that there is just a small but growing scene (read it here). What is your impression of the scene? Did you know any techno from Cuba before? ions?
Yes, I had no idea before but from my experience now I can also say the techno scene there is very small but with a little time also has a lot of potential. The young people there need this other music so much to get to know each other better and also to grow with themselves in such a suppressive system.

(“Lichter” by IDN taken from “V/A One” on Interstate Records)
Beside scoring the theatre play you also did a dj gig there. Please tell us more about it. How did you prepare yourself for it?
The gig was crazy, in a huge old industrial hall. Great sound system and great energy on the dance floor. I did not prepare because we were busy with the theater before. I can not wait to play there again in April 2019

(Inhalt Der Nacht playing techno in Cuba)
You spent a few weeks in Cuba also to relax a little bit. So please tell us something about the country in general. What did you to do? What can you recommend to visit?
Actually, I could not really relax because we worked a lot. But in the few days of free time we were on the beach, which is a bit out of Havana and, after the party, we were in Viñales for 2 days, about 2 hours drive and a really magical place. I have never seen such mountains and nature as there. I would really recommend that to anyone.

(Inhalt Der Nacht and the Cuban countryside)
Already the last question… for sure we want to know your future plans. What’s coming up? On Lebendig. Other releases? Gigs?
Well, a little something I can already reveal. 2019 already looks awesome. After playing the Monnom Black Label night at NYE and in Tbilisi for the first time, making my debut at the Concrete Club Paris, Echoes Of October and I present our live set and the next theatrical play is in the works. The next release is my solo EP on Seelen Records with a hot remix by Anetha and more EPs on my usual labels are also planned. But more infos to that comes soon.

Thanks a lot Jürgen for having me 🙂


EP “Deine Aura” by Inhalt Der Nacht on Seelen Records
compilation “V/A One” w/ IDN track on Interstate Records
compilation “The World Of …” w/ IDN track on Monnom Black
free compilation “RAW Compilation First Blood Part 1” w/ IDN track on RAW
compilation “SEELEN.001” w/ ETM & IDN track on Seelen Records
EP “Vault Series 21.0” by Escape To Mars on Vault Series
all stuff on Lebendig, the label co-run by Inhalt Der Nacht


Raw Agency for Inhalt Der Nacht


Inhalt Der Nacht


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