[Special]: NovaFuture Blog Selection Of 2018 Releases?


Artists / Promoters and more:


What a year … there was so much good music. We tried to present you so much as possible – for sure we missed a lot of good stuff.

We decided that we don’t make a selection for 2018. Actually the blog itself is a selection – we just do stuff we like. We get requests from time to time asking what the criterias are for being featured/premiered. It’s very simple – we have to like the release. So every release featured is also a selected one.

Thanks to every agency, label, artist etc who worked with us in 2018. It’s so nice to support stuff we love.


all posts from 2018, many pages of good events, releases and so on


We had to tear our streamings into another part (all stuff from the beginning)

“Playlist 2”

“Playlist 1”


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