out now: Amygdala – The End Of Ourselves E​​P [Subsekt]




The End of Ourselves E​​P






Release Date:
14th December 2018




The End of Ourselves

In Flames

Accepting The Inevitable

To Love and To Lose


Press Info:
Amygdala is Evert Van Stappen, a techno producer and member of the subsekt community, hailing from Belgium.

The EP is themed around introspection, as the artist was expressing feelings he was having during periods of inward reflection.

Alienation, existential despair, fatalism, the nihilistic urge to burn it all down and the silent pain of unanswered love are all themes that helped form the music.

From the artists mind to your ears, subsekt is the method of transmission.

Subsekt is a record label setup by the subsekt online community – a collective of music producers, sound engineers, artists, DJ’s and enthusiasts all with a passion for underground electronic music and a general distaste for commercialism.

The label has been set up as a reaction to the narcissistic self driven trend that has seeped in to electronic music via the trickle down effects of commercialism, and is run collectively, with all decisions made democratically by a non hierarchical anarchistic process.

Maintaining the purity of artistic intent is the main consideration, without compromise.

The aim is to support the talent in the community, inclusive of the unreleased and the released, professionals and amateurs. The community will help talent develop, and provide assistance, advice, and guidance via the collective pool of knowledge and expertise. The intent is that every artist is nurtured and encouraged to reach their true potential, to realise their artistic vision, and to meet a professional production aesthetic.

The output will be creative, non commercial electronic music made with passion, drive, and a high standard of production.

The subsekt community is open and inclusive. All art will be judged solely on its merits by the community. It is about the music, not names or associations.

We are subsekt; together we are stronger.






Buy Digital:
Subsekt @ Bandcamp
Beatport Classic
more soon




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