out now: Veronica Maximova – Computerlove [Voitax]


Veronica Maximova








Release Date:
10th December 2018


Vinyl & digital





Fake It

Who Cares

Truth Is Your Flesh


Press Info:
The debut album »Computerlove« from Belgian/Russian artist Veronica Maximova, sets the scene for a broader vision for the label, while also establishing Veronica as a fresh and important artistic voice on the VOITAX roster.

The title of the album describes a generation that is connected more than ever, and yet still alone in a society where happiness is mandatory. The attachment to a screen is instilled in almost every waking activity of a generation that knows how good it feels to share their life with somebody, but also knows how vulnerable and insecure one can become by sharing.

The title track, »Computerlove« opens the album by combining ethereal vocals with shimmering chimes, before the ambience slowly descends into darker undertones. Contrast plays heavily in Veronica Maximova’s repertoire and features throughout the album.

The story continues with an ode to lost nights and lost loves in the next track, »Cantsleep«. Soothing lyrics, coupled with a touching, dream-like piano melody are blended against wailing brass and spiralling streams of thought. Veronica Maximova experimented with granular synthesis for both the piano and vocal effects to create a dream-like effect, familiar to anyone who has found themselves awake at night, gripped by insomnia.

»Fakboi« shifts the direction to a more sinister ground. It alludes to a certain layer of social media that cultivates paradoxical behaviour, desire and conflict. Sonically, the layered, brooding synths, along with the haunting vocals, paint a bleak, distinct picture of these experiences.

The oldest track on the album, »Fake It« is another tripped-out love story. Veronica uses her unique approach to vocal processing and layering to create a sombre but emotionally driven adage that is inspired by the moment when relationships can only offer something destructive, but both parties still search for one last consolation.

The second last track of the album, »Who Cares« steps away from conventional melodies, and instead layers vocals in a chaotic Je m’en fous. The same dreamy mysticism from previous tracks is present, but here it is intensified, against the backdrop of ticking keys.

»Truth is your Flesh« marks the end of the album in a brief but poignant message: Things are beautiful because they end. Much like the rest of the album, the moments of this track are drenched with transient emotions of love, relief, melancholy, onto courage, truth and amnesty of pardon.




Full Track Streaming:

“Who Cares”



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Veronica Maximova


© Photo by Kirsten van Niekerk

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