14th September 2018: Strictly Forbidden #05 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Strictly Forbidden #05


Date & Time:
14th September 2018 at 11:59pm


Eve Schwarz b2b Clarisse
Justine Perry
Space Exile


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info (English):
Strictly Forbidden x Art Bei Ton is a collaborative event that aims to promote electronic music together with visual arts and performances.

Coming together to present their two artistic concepts, they are inviting diverse artists to perform Live music, DJ set, VJing and unique performance acts.

Bringing together emerging and established locals and internationals Techno DJs, such as Femanyst, Vergil, Justine Perry, Eve Schwarz, clarisse, N01R or Space Exil, the event aims to bring the listeners into the essence of Rave.

Involving VJing shows from Z_Konzept and Styks, as well as a unique collaborative performance of Danilo Schaffer and Lamb Kebab, the goal through this interactive night experience is to invite guests becoming actors in the event.

Will be also presented here a video exhibition on 2000’s TVs, featuring the work of Lola Rossi, Lucy Williams, and Sig Valax.

In the club, you ‘ll receive information about playing safer.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Femanyst – “Re Anna Mator (Ode To The Choir Stab) Mix”

Eve Schwarz – “ErrorSessions 117”

Clarisse – “@ Arena Club Berlin – 08.06.2018”

Vergil – “Owt’s Podcast 106”

Justine Perry – “Deepicnic Podcast 139”

N01R – “The Chef Podcast 052”


Strictly Forbidden
Arena Club


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