07th September 2018: Stützpunkt @ Humboldthain, Berlin (Germany)




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07th September 2018 at 11:59pm


Ben Buitendijk
Hansi b2b Bergen
Michael Witte


Humboldthain, Berlin (Germany)


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It’s been more than a year since the last time we hit Humboldthain. We are very excited to be back at Wedding’s finest where it all started three years ago.


Ben Buitendijk’s music has no boundaries for genres or styles but is characterized by a distinctive taste. He takes the listener on a journey with a balance between music for the dancefloor and music for the mind. His sets and his productions are usually defined by the deeper side of the spectrum of techno but will never fail to surprise. We are happy to have him with us.

Hansi and Björgvin are the two main minds behind the Dogma collective in Berlin. Their parties are characterized by diverse musical experiences and a family-like atmosphere – something that is very rare nowadays. Their complex collection of music gives them the ability to always whip out something unexpected and finally – after hosting the Oben floor last year – we have invited them to open the Unten floor.

Our resident OP/H completes this nights lineup. His style is characterized by a mixture between the unorthodox and the popular, with a tendency to bring out the cheesy goods. The Frenchman who is now based in Berlin is a great enrichment to Stützpunkt and we are glad to have him with us. For this night he will only bring his best vinyl, wear his best clothes and – as always – be on his best behavior.


We are very excited to have Lilly opening the Oben floor for us. You can usually find her playing alongside Kazan all over Berlin and at pretty much every relevant venue in Istanbul. These two cities have had a major influence on their sound as it can be seen as a symbiosis between these two places. Even though Lilly will go solo for this one, there is no doubt that she will deliver just as strongly as always.

Michael Witte is going to close the Oben floor with his distinguished power house sound. He has been showing off his musical collection many times before, originally being part of Berlin’s Krach crew. He has been a friend of us for quite a while and now he will finally play for us for the first time. Let’s see which vinyls he will pack in his bag for this one.

As always, our very own Bongsy is hosting the Oben floor and this time he will be also playing himself. You can expect a mixture of disco, vocal cheese and everything inbetween, as long as it makes you dance. It will be the first time that he is going solo at Stützpunkt, so be ready to get sweaty.

We are finally back at Humboldthain after being away for quite some time. We invite all of you to come join us and celebrate.

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Ben Buitendijk – “Reclaim Your City 241”

Hansi – “Dogmata XXV”

Bergen – “@ Interzone”

OP/H – “Turbulences #3”

Lilly – “Einpodcast #60”

Michael Witte – “Podcast 001”

Bongsy – “Dogmata XXI”


Humboldthain Club


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