04th August 2018: Vaagner Label Night | Part 2 @ Loophole, Berlin (Germany)


Vaagner Label Night | Part 2


Dates & Time:
04th August 2018 at 10:00pm


Amethyst live
Anasisana live
SPRRW live
Sofia Ozdravovna live
Dj Vaagner DJ


Loophole, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
The emphasis during this event will be on showcasing a network of artists and friends linked to the German and local Berlin cassette scene.

This event is co-hosted by Amethyst and the Holy Geometry label.

Coming hot of the heels from a current tour, Amethyst will be showcasing his new A/V show for this evening, presenting impactful sonic ambience in correlation with visual stimulation.

Sofia Ozdravovna
Founded the Berlin based Holy Geometry label last year and just recently debuted his first live show at this year’s total Black showcase. He will be holding his second ever live show that will feature some of his forthcoming work.

A Berlin based sound designer who has devoted himself to exploring musical manifestos of melancholy and enjoys exploring the synergy of analogue and digital instruments via his live shows.

This night will also see the debut of Anasisana’s first ever live show, featuring some work from his forthcoming album on Vaagner. His background in the noise sound and the serene ambient collages he has released this year via labels such as Male activity and Holy Geometry will translate into a live show ranging from stimulating turmoil to succumbing bliss.

The rest of the evening will be rounded off by Dj Vaagner, warming up and ending the evening with Vaagner affiliated sounds tapestries – all taking place in a intimate bar near you…

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Anasisana – “zenevloed 092”




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