02nd August 2018: Vaagner Label Night | Part 1 @ OHM, Berlin (Germany)


Vaagner Label Night | Part 1


Dates & Time:
02nd August 2018 at 11:00pm


Kali Malone live
Acronym & Kali Malone live
Josef Gaard
Fortunes Brine live


OHM, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
The evenings focus will be on artists from different parts of the globe who are associated with both Vaagner and other corresponding cassettes scenes.

The night will see the German live premier of Xkatedral founder Kali Malone performing together with Stilla Ton founder and Northern electronics Affiliate, Acronym.

People will also have the chance to witness the debut live show of Fortunes Brine and the solo live show of Kali Malone.

The rest of the evening will be rounded off with dj sets by Acronym, Josef Gaard and O.R

showing up early is advised

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Acronym – “RA.634”

Kali Malone – “Dietl Record (171113.)”

Josef Gaard – “@ Herrensauna 13.08.2017”

Fortunes Brine – “VACAST 02”

O.R – “VACAST 01”




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