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Dug Techno


About the concept:
Here is the forty-ninth instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Dug Techno’s mix of tracks produced & remixed by techno legend Jeff Mills.


About Dug Techno:
Dug Techno was born of the desire to discover & play timeless 12″s. As many as possible, which is why I sell vinyl for a living. First at Phonica & Kristina Records, then at Berlin’s recordsale.de. I literally have ~3.000 new records per day to choose from and have been surrounded by fresh inspiration for years now thanks to working in music shops. I carry this with me into sets and reflect these influences into the diverse range of parties & performances I have organised or been a part of over the best part of a decade in London.

I believe progress and evolution are at the heart of Techno and the best is yet to come. But only through the modification, enhancement & subversion of Techno’s tropes can the genre’s boundaries be pushed out further into the unknown. Thus: with knowledge of the past we must strive forward to create anew!


About Jeff Mills:
Jeff Mills is considered to be one of the most brilliant DJ’s and producer of techno in the World.

He is the most recognised representative figure of the Detroit Techno scene, where he began his career as a DJ on the WDRQ radio in 1984.

He created the collective “Underground Resistance” alongside “Mad Mike Banks”, which became a reference in the electro sphere.

In 1992, Jeff Mills created his own label “Axis”, allowing him to keep his artistic independence and produce his own timeless electronic music compositions, inspired of science fiction.

While he performs as a DJ all over the world, averaging 100 dates in a year, Jeff Mills’ artistic career goes much further than simply techno music.

For over a decade, he has transcended disciplines with a large number of collaborations in contemporary art.

Jeff Mills is involved in numerous projects at this moment in time, and is forever evolving and recreating his individual artistic performances, within and beyond any given boundaries.

taken from Triangle website


Listen & Download:
“Dug Techno plays Jeff Mills” (download coming soon)


Dug Techno About His Choice:
Aged 33 Jeffery Eugene Mills inaugurated the Purpose Maker series. This label covers the fierce tribal funk of his early years, is home to The Bells and the stylistic focal point for my mix.

The EPs on this imprint can be testing if listened to from front to back – but they were not made for that. Instead, they’re the ultimate DJ tools. If you’ve never heard The Wizard in action, there’s only one thing to say: no one does it like Jeff! A man(-machine) so technically & creatively adept he drives crowds to elation with 909 solos and 3-layered mixes that undermine any notion of predictability thus allowing you to truly get lost in waves of raw rhythms.

This mix is my distillation of that spirit, composed with Mills’ records only, 3x Technics & a Xone:92. I like to think of it as A Firework Display In Reverse.

The man is a living legend and I suspect one day his drum machines will leave the planet returning The Wizard to the rings of Saturn, where meteorites clash & clash against each other to form rhythms we could never imagine as Jeff rides out to infinity in a locked groove of cosmic proportions.

Jeff, if you’re reading this: you’re my hero!


00. A Jeff Mills Quote
01. Millsart – Untitled
02. X-103 – Thera
03. Jeff Mills – Glen21 *
04. Jeff Mills – Striping Effect
05. Jeff Mills – Utopia
06. Millsart – Steps To Enchantment (Stringent)
07. Jeff Mills – Late Night (Mills Mix)
08. Jeff Mills – L8
09. Jeff Mills – Cubango
10. Jeff Mills – The Bells (Deconstruction)
11. Jeff Mills – In The Bush
12. Jeff Mills – Yamato
13. Jeff Mills – Automatic
14. Jeff Mills – Casa
15. Jeff Mills – Ride The Rhythm
16. Jeff Mills – Reverting
17. Jeff Mills – Alarms (First Mix)
18. Jeff Mills – Black Is The Number
19. Jeff Mills – Avenger
20. DJ Hell – Allerseelen (Jeff Mills Remix)
21. Jeff Mills – Sweet Scent Of Fear
22. Jeff Mills – The Fly Guy
23. Jeff Mills – Bellson
24. Jeff Mills – If (We)
25. Millsart – Gamma Player
26. Final Cut presents True Faith – Take Me Away
27. Jeff Mills – Basic Human Design *

* Records spun in reverse.


Triangle Agency for Jeff Mills


Doug Brennan aka Dug Techno
Jeff Mills


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