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Gezender & Moebiius


Tantra EP


Neurom Records




Release Date:
26th July 2018






(BLANCAh Remix)

(Teto Preto Remix)

(Tessuto Remix)


Press Info:
Focused on electronic music’s acid moods, Gezender flirts with techno, house and electro with fluidity and naturalness through a repertoire that is not limited to a single genre. His music has a strong personality and it’s marked by the influence of the beginnings of the electronic culture, mixed to the research based in the contemporary music. With marked bases and fluid pads, contemplation and tension merge into his sets providing a mix of sensa-tions. With the ability to adapt to a dance floor’s mood without losing his identity, his perfor-mance in the boot is remarkable. For two years now, he produces the party “Sangra Muta”, which has received relevant names of the national and international scene, with editions in São Paulo, Florianópolis and Rio de Janeiro. The artist lives in São Paulo, where he works in the artists collective “Mamba Negra”. With a 3-years career, he played at clubs of all Brazil’s regions. In May 2016, he released his first EP, “Spiritual Flesh” through Neurom Records, a Berlin label. In September 2017, Gezender released Gigolo Records, his second EP, through the iconic DJ Hell record label, this time in partnership with Moebiius, “OM”, which featured a L_cio remix. The artist belongs to the labels’ crew and is officially represented as a “Gigolo Artist”. The re-lease was supported by names like Richie Hawtin, Marcel Dettmann, Mano Le Tough, Phil Kie-ran, Agoria, Digitaria and many other artists. The great repercussion featured a premiére at House Mag, and an interview for the Miller Music column on Claudia Assef’s MusicNonStop. As for June 2018, the artist prepares his next release, also by Neurom Records, an EP called “Tantra”, which features two originals and three remixes by Teto Preto, Tessuto and Blancah.

Graduated in audio engineering and working full time as a producer, has 15 years working with synthetic music and sound design for other artists and studios. Now, Moebiius reveals his highly artistic but also very technical music, putting all his experience to work toward brin-ging the dance floor a dark, hypnotic, techno oriented experience, always focused in desi-gning sonic moods for the floor. His first EP “OM”, co-produced with Gezender and featuring a remix by L_cio, was re-leased by the famous Berlin based label Gigolo Records, being selected by DJ Hell himself and officially announced as a “Gigolo Artist”. The release was premiered by House Mag and sup-ported by names like Richie Hawtin, Marcel Dettmann, Mano Le Tough, Phil Kieran, Agoria, Digitaria and many others. Moebiius has also shared booths with big names such as Anthony Rother, Vitalic, Booka Shade, DJ Magal and most recently, Tarter, Kalil and Blancah. Now the artist prepares his second EP, called “Tantra”, which features two originals and three remixes by Teto Preto, Tessuto and Blancah, to be released soon by Neurom Records.

Tantra EP
“Tantra” comes from the most recent collaboration between Gezender and Moebiius, two Brazilian artists with a major release in DJ Hell’s iconic label Gigolo Records. Being a continua-tion of their previous EP, once more they gathered their electronic creativity and shared inte-rest in Buddhism to talk about the relation between humanity and the sacred within, with dis-torted elements mixed with ancient oriental instruments and chants making the dance floor a sonic experience that is peaceful and heavy at the same time. The EP features two originals and three remixes by Teto Preto, Tessuto and Blancah, soon to be re-leased by Neurom Records.


Full Track Streaming:


Gezender – “Bottom Forty Mix 069”


Niculta’s “Tell Me EP” on Neurom Records


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