25th May 2018: 4 Years Phase @ Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


4 Years Phase


Date & Time:
25th May 2018 at 10:00pm


Inland live
Juho Kusti
Philippa Pacho
Sankt Göran
Jonathan Kavander
Alex Cliche

Parrish Smith
Shredder live

Jimmy Jib
Ilias Pitsios aka Dynamons
Low Bat
Oscar der Winzige


Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
It’s been 4 years since the first Phase party at Griessmühle on the 23rd of May 2014.

Phase is a child of Berlin’s unique edge and energy and the urge and desire to express creativity and imagination through authenticity and genuity.

Phase stands for direct, raw, pure, intense and original music from the future, inspired by the present, conscious of the past.

Phase is music with energy and spirituality, raising your vibrational frequency to higher consciousness.

“Something for your mind, your body, and your soul, it’s the power to arouse curiousity, the purpose, the goal which one acts on, a journey of force, hot like the sun and wet like the rain, rhythmatic movements in unison with others, prolong an act of sensation with no limits or boundaries.
Eternity is past, wrong is right, it’s the point of greatest intensity, pleasures of the highest sense, feelings of warmth and security, willing and unwilling sensations of the mind. A condition, the ultimate seduction…”

Thank you to the artists that played for Phase the last 4 years:

Adam X, Afrofox, Alexey Volkov, Alexis, Arcarsenal, Aroy Dee, Arthur Kimskii, Autre, BNJMN, Caballo, Cassegrain, Chris Mitchell, Cusack, Dasco, Delta Funktionen, DJ Buzz Goree, DJ TLR, Exterminador, Federico Narracci, Florian Kupfer, Intergalactic Gary, Hallion, Hinode, Jay Mond, Jimmy Jib, June, Jus-Ed, Koehler, Lee Douglas, Lola Luc, Magna Pia, Marieu, Mathias Puhlmann, Max Durante, Mick Wills, Miltiades, Mor Elian, Mr. Laboso, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Not Waving, Rhyw, Sandhu, Sankt Göran, Stereociti, Snuffo, Sqweegee, Swalk, Tempre, The Hacker, Tolouse Low Trax, Uri, Vigera, Xinner

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Inland – “Curated by DSH #067”

Juho Kusti – “Blocaus Podcast 22”

Exterminador – “Yay podcast #044”

Philippa Pacho – “Jazzpod 082”

Sankt Göran – “Hoppa Podcast 65”

Alex Cliche – “RTS.FM X Travel Berlin 19.07.2017”

Hallion – “HallionCast001”

Alexis. – “Curated by DSH #086”

Parrish Smith – “at Unpolished 2018”

Shredder – “Live 2016”

Charlie – “Szpitalna 1 Podcast”

Jimmy Jib – “On The 5th”

Ilias Pitsios aka Dynamons – “Phormix Podcast #51 Document •11•”

Low Bat – “Auf zu Neuen Dächern mit …”

Oscar der Winzige – “Camp Nostalgia”

Monday – “Maschinentanz III @ Sameheads 10.05.16”

Joralsky – “As you plant, you also bury 02”




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