out now: Sølaxid – Moon Light EP [Volphonie]




Moon Light EP






Release Date:
22nd May 2018 (vinyl)
05th June 2018 (digital)


vinyl & digital


Moon Light

Sense Of Life

(Arnaud Le Texier Remix)



Press Info:
VOLPHONIE is the creation of French based artist Chris Honorat and set to focus on twisted, hypnotic, techno grooves, balancing the notion of introspection with dance floor appeal.

Their first releases featured contributions from Scan X, Marcel Fengler, Electric Rescue, Flug, and Andre Kronert, where the third EP welcomes Sølaxid to the roster along with Arnaud Le Texier providing the sole remix.

Baptiste Jaillant aka Sølaxid is no stranger to some, with fifteen years of DJ and production experience to his name, the French maestro is welcomed for his debut following EP’s on Marla Singer’s Lunar Limited, Dolby D’s Dolma Records, and Music From Exo-Planet.

London based veteran Arnaud Le Texier heads up the highly respected Children of Tomorrow label, whilst also seeing his music released on Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Joachim Spieth’s Affin, Marco Bailey’s MBR Limited and Christian Wünsch’s Tsunami Records to name only a few.

“Moon Light” has a thumping and thundering beat that paves the way for the euphoric and jovial synth work that will no doubt cause a storm on dance floors around the globe, with its deep rooted nostalgic presence.

The second track “Sense Of Life” is a grinding, warm modular trip, that’s bursting with energy, raw power and heads down attitude, for those who like it straight to the point.

Arnaud’s remix of “Cultura” comes before the original, where he creates a menacing atmosphere that blends with hypnotic and droning sounds. Progressive and edgy, the added chords and tones breathe emotion into this mechanical masterpiece.

The “Cultura” original completes the four tracks here, that kicks things off with piercing tension from a stabbing sub bass. The punchy beat steadily rises through the gears with drum rolls and high pitched whines, this is a perfect tool for the discerning DJ.




Full Track Streaming:
“Sense Of Life”


“Moon Light”

“Cultura (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)”


Buy Vinyl:
more soon


Buy Digital:
Beatport Classic
more soon




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