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Sirio Gry J


Posthuman Condition


Monolith Records




Release Date:
07th May 2018




The Electronic Welfare

Antibionic Resistance


(Somatic Responses Caustic Mix)


Press Info:
‘It is now clear that humans are no longer the most important things in the universe, that their knowledge, creativity and intelligence are ultimately limited.’

The Posthuman realises that the ultimate questions about existence and being do not require answers and accepts that humans have a finite capacity to understand and control nature. Even just to know the ultimate nature of the universe would require knowing everything about the universe, everything that has happened and everything that will happen. If one thing were not known it would imply that all knowledge of the universe is partial, potentially incomplete and, therefore, not ultimate.

Humans privilege to order over disorder on the assumption that the essential laws of nature are gradually being discovered. This is a fundamental error; nature is neither essentially ordered or disordered. What we perceive as regular, patterned information we classify as order; what we perceive as irregular, unpatterned information we classify as disorder. The appearance of order and disorder implies more about the way in which we process information than the intrinsic presence of order or disorder in nature.

The humanist era was characterized by certainty about the operation of the universe and the place of humans within it. The Posthuman era is characterized by uncertainty about the operation of the universe and about what it is to be human.

What is a human? Is there such a thing?

No finite division can be drawn between the environment, the body and the brain. The human is identifiable, but not definable.
Consciousness, (the interaction body-brain) and the environment (reality) cannot be separated; they are continuous that defines the being.

All technological progress of human society is geared towards the transformation of the human species as we currently know it; the posthumans regard their own being as embodied in an extended technological world. In such ‘synthetik’ reality power no longer needs to impose physical regulations, as it is able to manipulate and shape up the minds directly, becoming part of it.

There won’t be any resistance from the individual, as he will have embodied the needs of the system in his own being, and their ambition will serve the economy.

Currently the output of machines is predictable; the Posthuman era fully starts when the output of machines becomes unpredictable, so that complex machines, apparatus whose workings we do not fully understand or control, become an emerging form of life.

In the Posthuman era, the future never arrives.

– from ´The Posthuman Manifesto´, Robert Pepperel, 1995




“The Electronic Welfare”


Sirio Gry J – “Coma Hole Podcast #5”


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Sirio Gry J
Monolith Records


© Photo By Francisco Vasconcelos

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