15th April 2018: Sonntagsinstitut x Seelen @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Sonntagsinstitut x Seelen


Date & Time:
15th April 2018 at 02:00pm


Line-up & Time Table:
14:00 – 16:30 Lupaal
16:30 – 19:00 Stigmatique
19:00 – 21:30 JANEIN
21:30 – 24:00 Reka Zalan


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
SEELEN. is a new techno imprint from Leipzig that started off with a bang, releasing a double vinyl in February. Mastered by the infamous Nihad Tule and supported by some of the biggest names in the scene, it sold out quickly. But there is more to come: for this month’s installment at Arena Club, we invited both curators of SEELEN. Records, JANEIN and Stigmatique. The line-up will be completed by long-time techno aficionada Reka Zalan, who is closely connected with Mensch Meier, as well as Sonntagsinstitut’s very own back-to-back boy group Lupaal.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


JANEIN – “Oecus Podcast 096”

Stigmatique – “XXX-01”

Reka Zalan – “Lost In Thought. Episode #002”

Lupaal – “Sonntagsinstitut Podcast #13”


Stigmatique – “untitled”


Stigmatique – “Virus”

JANEIN – “Aliens Speak To Me”


compilation “SEELEN.001”


Seelen Records
Seelen Records @ Facebook
Arena Club


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