06th April 2018: Cause Of Effect #07 @ Void Club, Berlin (Germany)


Cause Of Effect


Cause Of Effect #07


Date & Time:
06th April 2018 at 11:00pm


Dimitri Pike
Sasa Strauss
Otto Lebowski & Vincent Kenway


Void Club, Berlin (Germany)


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After last month’s show, embracing solid, valuable vibes from y’all, we are back to build up upon our dilating foundation. Focusing on authenticity and the original, raw and game-changing spirit of electronic music, we have drawn together a serious matter of hard talented, electrifying and renowned artists for this line up!

Dimitri Pike
Detroit Techno Militia’s Belgium freethinker Dimitri Pike is one of the most underrated underground artist’s in today’s scene. After a family related loss, 16 year old Mr. Pike was starting to slowly network through the realms of Benelux’s nightlife, where he met like minded individuals to exchange thoughts with.Techno music was the answer to so many questions he may had at that time. And so “Music saved my life” is a sentence with which one can identify him strongly. After witnessing the living Detroit legend Jeff Mills at a famous french rave, he had no other obsession stronger than to establish his own brand of techno sound. Subsequently he hit the old Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) in 2003 amongst others for the first time, joining the Motorcity first in 2005, whilst becoming part of the renowned Detroit Techno Militia collective and doing various productions on Detroit and Chicago labels plus running a weekly radio show recently in the Motor City: Deep Space Radio. Our local resident ReVenant has known this dear fellow for quite a while now, probably 4 years, and has seen him perform on several occasions at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL). He’s a highly skilful & talented vinyl DJ with the power to blow your mind! He will never fail to surprise!

Sasa Strauss
Next up is the local and youthful co-founder of Werk-Music label Sasa Strauss! Being organising-member and resident DJ at the “Werk Experience” events at ://about party and hosting the Rituals @ Suicide Circus Berlin, he has become more and more known through out the local underground industry. Sasa’s mixes consist of different facets of electronic music, such as techno, electronica to ambient and EBM. They lead through euphoric, abstract, harsh and melancholic, yet profound spheres. Let’s see what he will unleash for us on our party!

Otto Lebowski & Vincent Kenway
Moreover we invited the big Lebowski and his long time friend Vincent Kenway to decorate the dancefloor with their multifarious house tunes. They’ve already played at various locations in their hometown Berlin throu out the last years. Being Part of the well known Berlin collective Killing Spree Records which promotes and hosts different events with a big focus on open air raves, they are always into new innovative things. Be prepared for a big ride thru the world of house.

Another great man within the line up is Mr. Kerinnis, which will enrich the house department with some delightful & pleasurable tunes! In the year of 2010 he has started to gain interest in DJing. Regarding his crate digging duties, the record stores of choice are usually OYE Record Store and Phonica Records. Whilst living over seas for quite a while, 2014 was the year where Kerinnis became resident of the Korner Club in Taipei, Taiwan. He started playing the openings or closings for larger DJs. (Gerd Janson, John Osborn). Back in Germany in 2015, he launched a event series with two friends in Hamburg named Crate Cravings. Their passt bookings have embraced big names such as Carl Craig, Christopher Rau, DJ BORING, Demuja, Max Graef and Glenn Astro. His brad new Black Swan EP on PalmStructure has just been released in February. Lovely productional work! We are happy to have him with us!

As usual, our man DaveTheStain will hold charge of the house floor for the upcoming show. Whilst being the representative for the opening duty of last month’s show, Babelsberg’s loved House-bear will now again move towards earlier the later hours of the spring night. Get ready for some powerful house, funk and disco people!

Vælentin is going to provide us with a sleek mixture of tool, minimal- and Detroit techno originating in the 90’s realm, starting off slowly to create the ideal entry level atmosphere, and subsequently progressing towards more uncompromising, rhythmic, edgy and dynamic soundspaces.

Being new part of John Reed Fitness residency in Potsdam, ReVenant, has demonstrated a broad range of versatility in the taste of his music selection. For the upcoming show however, our Detroit lover will be moving back to the roots, radiating the classic COE sound, that we’re all fond of. Expect some seriously bangin’ & euphoric underground tunes, compiling tribal, funk and break-beats.

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Dimitri Pike – “Coma Radio #009”

Sasa Strauss – “Werk Podcast #006”

Otto Lebowski & Vincent Kenway – “35 Minuten House”

TheStain – “Daily Routine (stainless steel sound)”

Vælentin – “Voyager Podcast #29”

ReVenant – “C.O.E Cast #2”


Cause Of Effect
Void Club


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