17th March 2018: Elements #003 @ ://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Elements #003


Dates & Time:
17th March 2018 at 11:59pm


Alex Levin
Barbara Hofmann
Mary Velo
Olivia Mendez
Oron K
Shay Lerner


://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
ice – frost – cold – molecules – melt – shock – fog – hardness – crystalline – techno

Elements #3 is getting special like crystals.

A long and hard winter will be slowly coming to an end and it’s time for another ://Elements full of warm moments!

After the last two crazy and wonderful editions of ://Elements, it’s time to start the first big cooperation with our good friends from PAG, Tel Aviv.

Taking place since 15 years , PAG is one of the oldest and known LGBT parties in Tel Aviv. The combination between art and fashion and its consistent reinvention was keeping it up to date and made it to one of the most exciting parties in Tel Aviv. Since almost 3 years PAG is taking place at the Alphabet Club and is experiencing a new level of intensity and quality. The Alphabet x PAG collaboration guides the audience to new realms, allowing the LGBT and heterosexual crowed to intertwine in what has become a groundbreaking party in the city. The Party itself is formed by the music, performances, visuals, long duration and the intensive and special atmosphere the promoter create with their love and passion.

In this cooperation between ://Elements and PAG we want to bring friends, scenes and music together and everybody is welcome to express themselves however they desire.

Elements is more than a party. It’s a full-concept experience of music, light, atmosphere and space. With our party we are always trying to redefine ://about blank by giving the whole club a new colour and face!

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Video Teaser:


Alex Levin – “PAG Warmup 19 – 5-2017”

Archivist – “Elements Podcast 004”

Barbara Hofmann – “@ Equilibrium, Sektor Evolution, 08.04.2017”

E.bony – “19/05 PAG TLV x Alphabet”

Emily – “Electro-Techno Summer Mix”

Fugal – “Patterns of Perception 27”

Mary Velo – “Parabel Podcast #32”

Olivia Mendez – “Unbroken Mix 013”

Oron K – “BootlegCast 14”

Oska – “BootlegCast 18”

Retox – “The Awakening”

THNTS – “Othercult Podcast 22”

TV.OUT – “@ The Squat 13.7.17”


://about blank


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