out now: Various – Envisioned Disorder [Abyss Recordings]




Envisioned Disorder


Abyss Recordings




Release Date:
02nd March 2018




Tracklist Vinyl:
Surrender Yourself

Yuji Kondo
Tonal Disturbance

Mechanical Waves

Michal Jablonski


Press Info:
It’s early 2018 and we’re itching to pull the trigger.

If I’m totally honest we’ve felt this way since January 2016, when our desire to launch our vinyl catalog reared it’s head for the 3rd or 4th time. We’d made a point to each other of not rushing into it, not for fear’s sake but because as a team, we place great importance on an essential combination of creativity and project planning.

Combining these 2 keys factors has always served us well, right from our digital catalog through to ABYSS | FEATURES and now into our vinyl catalog too, this setup facilitates the creative flexibility to curate and design releases that work both audibly and aesthetically.

Over the last 24 months we’ve focused vast amounts of time and invested a small fortune into creating a truly unique vinyl experience, covering all bases including mastering by professional mastering engineer Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering in London, distribution by TripleVision Distribution and 4 expertly crafted contributions to our new vinyl catalog from renowned techno artists; Rommek, Yuji Kondo, Snitch and Michal Jablonski.

The creative process started out like any other creative project, a minefield of ideas and contributions from the whole team swirled and spooled as we generated concept after concept, some were well formed and others not so but ultimately they were all leading in the same direction.

As the first few months of 2016 ticked by our eagerness to get moving with the vinyl catalog was looming ominously in the background, we had deduced from our idea generation that we were seeking a thick and atmospheric yet balanced sound palette for the release, but we were yet to decide on potential artists.

By this point we had all of the ‘necessaries’ thought out, which left us in a slight dilemma, having already agreed on a solid sound and having planned the majority of the release without the tracklist meant we were on the look out for a very specific collection of music.

Text by Jack Vanstone




Rommek – “Abyss presents….AP003”

Yuji Kondo – “Coma Hole Podcast 3”

Michal Jablonski – “Oecus Podcast 086”

Snitch – “45 Minutes of Techno”


sampler “Demise” on Abyss Recordings


Buy Vinyl:
Red Eye Records
more soon


Abyss Recordings


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