03rd February 2018: Cause Of Effect #06 @ Void Club, Berlin (Germany)


Cause Of Effect


Cause Of Effect #06


Date & Time:
03rd February 2018 at 11:59pm


Adlas & DJ Ion
Paul Vø
The Stain


Void Club, Berlin (Germany)


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For our first strike in 2018 we have put back together a splendid line up for the night. Consisting of hard talented, well-respected locals from Berlin, the show is ought to radiate a delighted vibe.

Stojche was primarily inspired of the local electronic scene in Skopje, Macedonia. A city described by Derrick May and Juan Atkins as “the leading hub for Detroit techno on the Balkan Peninsula”. He is one of the names on the European circuit that broke through with contributions to labels like DMK, Subwax, Grounded In Humanity, Sounds Benefit, Freund der Familie alongside others. In 2011he launched his solo imprint “Tangible Assets”. It has given him the freedom to explore and refine his trademark Detroit – influenced dubbed out productions. “Tangible Assets” reflects a personal statement with emphasized appreciation for the techno history. His DJ sets provide further evidence of years spent behind the turntables, resulting in pounding journeys with a dose of emotional content. His constant pursuit for inspiration sits balanced with the pulse of the city life. We are excited to have him with us!

Adlas & DJ Ion
Adlas and DJ Ion have been friends long before their musical career started. In their teen years they were unified by a mutual love for hip hop, which to this day stays a strong influence. The were then grasped by the power of electronic music. As a unity, they were foresting through the essentials of techno, house and electro. All genres contain relevant, inspirational matter regarding their skill, taste and djing style. Their sets they display a mix of oldschool and contemporary techno, break-beats and whatever fits the bpm with a special focus on the UK and US sound. In January 2015 Adlas and DJ Ion launched the infamous Krach Party series at Humboldthain Club as a chance for them to share their musical pursuit with a bigger audience.

Alfret is part of the infamous event series Small Talk which was established in 2016 in Berlin. The sound of Small Talk is represented by him in a flamboyant, versatile way regarding house music. Pounding & deep.. His performance should definitely hit everyone dancing senses

Bollwaerk, straight outta Potsdam, is going to present us a deep journey through his multifaceted collection of records. Combined with a great passion for the technical aspects of mixing and vinyl nostalgia, he will surely lay down an interesting performance. Moreover, he founded the label Rotary which gained quite some attention regarding Open Airs around Berlin.

Paul Vø
After his first performance for our COE Debut show in Oktober 2016 as the house cat, our local friend Paul will now move into a more techno oriented field of electronic music. With a sublime taste in deep & dubby techno, our mate will create the perfect entry level vibe for the night!

DaveTheStain has already been doing his thang on our last shows. We’re really happy to call him a Cause Of Effect resident by now. David is a real music addict with an open minded view on many genres. Funk, Soul, Disco, House. According to that his sets are amazingly powerful in diversion. Furthermore he has developed the event series “Housebesetzung” in Potsdam which is supporting talented local artists.

ReVenant & Vælentin
As usual, our two Residents will accompany the floors to round off the Line Up. ReVenant will head back to his beloved territory of “good old‘ house”. He will embrace his own individual twist by combinig UK inspired disco, funk and pumping, hit inspired tunes. Vælentin is going to provide us a fine mixture between driving techno tools and detroit cuts ‘n break beats to combine both newer and old substantial techno styles. A fresh interpretation of the techno spectrum.

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Stojche – “Suburban Mix 076”

Adlas & DJ Ion – “friends of LACK – 34”

Bollwaerk – “RotaryCast #01”

Alfret – “RhythmCast 018 ”

Paul Vø – “Deep & Decadent #02”

The Stain – “Remember Me”

Vælentin – “Vinyl Mix 04.17”

ReVenant – “Classic 90’s Detroit Mix”


Cause Of Effect
Void Club


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