[Special]: NovaFuture Blog Mixes 2017




    2017…. gone? Nearly. We featured a lot of interesting releases (see our postings from yesterday) but also we got a lot of great mixes.

    We continued our regular series and the “ABC plays XYZ” series. But we also started with new features like the “Visual Mix Series” or “Music & Interview” which often includes mixes.

    In total we released over 40 mixes. Again, again and again…. we would like to say THANK YOU to each contributor for the amazing mix she or he created for us – for sure also the visual artists.

    All DJs in order of “appearance” (used for different series): Ausgang, Reject & Valerio, Danny Isola, Background Radiation, CEO Of NovaFuture (LOL), Svar, Lars Huismann, Konkret, Deepbass, Luettringhouse, A.Mochi, Szentendre, Christian Gerlach, Landwehr & Fleer, Mark Groot, Kaczorek, Debasser, Verboten, Nostitz, Empty Vision, Tom Talenberg, Rebar, Tempus Fugit, Stas Zotov, Sev Dah, Akmê, Janzon, Philipp Drube, Juan Sanchez, THNTS, Tham, Mark Reeder, Trivmph, Blaxad, Take Your Time, Swarm Intelligence, Hórnbęrg, Orbital Plane, Gutter, Emanuel De Vayrac and Neovex.

    All visual artists in order of “appearance” in our “Visual Mix Series”: Future Error, Nikolozka & Timodufner

    Next year we will continue and can promise that there are alread some great confirmations. So stay tuned …. CU in 2018




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