[Special]: NovaFuture Blog Selection Of 2017 Releases (Part 1)


Artist (Music):


Haha what a year … we really needed more than 4 hours to put together this feature because… there was so much good music again in 2017.

New artists, new labels popped up … really worth to be supported.

Other labels we love continued with their quality work. And also one of our favourite labels was relaunched: Mute’s techno imprint novamute is back. Thanks for that, Daniel (and not only for this).

We would like to say THANK YOU to all the labels, artists, agency etc who worked with us this year. We hope we can continue in 2018.

We selected some track in full stream taken from releases that got our attention. For sure it is a small selection. We had also so many others in mind but this list is already much longer than we planned it. We had to split it into two parts (check out the second one here).



LPZ – “Machina (DJ Sodeyama Remix)”
[from VGT002]

Dettmann | Klock – “Phantom Studies”
[from O-TON 100]

Dez Williams – “Retrow”
[from PLX001]

Visum – “Masse”
[from MONOCLI98]

Anselm – “Strom”
[from UQL004]

Johnny Island – “One More Night”
[from SMRGD001]

Just En – “Sulcus”
[from SR001]

Trelos – “Paraboloid”
[from no cat#]

Alexey Volkov – “Anti You”
[from ESCAPISM003]

Hedrome – “Bottom Line”
[from Blanksheet 002]

I/Y – “Rubber Bands”
[from IY008]

Melania . – “Confirmatio (Katran Remix)”
[from a+w XVIII]

Introversion – “Unmarried Old Man”
[from ARTSCV0017]

The Horrorist – “Programmed”
[from a+w XIV]

Smbr – “Rebirth”
[from DLSN001]

Mark Reeder – “Mauerstadt (RIAS Mix)”
[related to 601304

Aleks Schatten – “Strangled With A Golden Braid”
[from no cat#

Mark Groot – “IC149”
[from no cat#]

Peryl – “Not Yours”
[from CODEC992001

Opål – “Solar”
[from BDV001]

Van Der Meer – “Tao”
[from K011d]

Nic Araújo – “Cognition”
[from DRASMA001]

I Hate Models – “Last Kiss Before Death”
[from MONNOM011]

Inhalt Der Nacht – “Lichter”
[from INS001]

Array Access – “Love is Distraction”
[from RSI010.2]

Annanan – “Revisit The Future”
[from CWAX003]

LSD – “Process 1”
[from O-TON 109]

Phase Fatale – “Human Shield”
[from HOS-494]

Arthur Robert – “Hochwasser”
[from RDK001]

Terence Fixmer – “Dance Of The Comets”
[from NOMU180]

Christian Gerlach – “Avior”
[from LNTHN011]

Simone Bauer – “Quantum Vacuum IV”
[from NOR012]

Danny Isola – “Autarkical Run”
[from ITD001]

Brothers Black – “Pulling Teeth”
[from VNR032]

Denise Rabe – “Einai”
[from RABE001]

Dave Simon – “Thypo”
[from PRRUKD092]


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