out now: Simone Bauer – Quantum Vacuum [Norite]


Simone Bauer


Quantum Vacuum






Release Date:
29th November 2017




Quantum Vacuum I

Quantum Vacuum II

Quantum Vacuum III

Quantum Vacuum IV


Press Info:
It pulses and glows distantly. It eludes me, slides further away. There is an aurora just over the horizon, behind the peaks. I am in an open space, a plane expands on all sides. I stand on a plateau and the earth rises up before my eyes. Hardened lava or the metamorphosed oceanic floor thrusts upwards. Zenithal. Now I see: all matter is vibrating, always, but on a scale that wasn’t perceivable before. Lights resonate on the brink of my vision. Sound grows and I can no longer locate my body in space. My limbs expand, coalesce, mell with the air in a regular pulse. I radiate. If nature is an infinite sphere, then its center is everywhere, coinciding with me. Direction is irrelevant. I vacillate, I ascend a perpetually spiralling helix. I pace the strands and strains of existence. When I stand still the helix continues to unfurl beneath me. I evolve upwards. Particles click in and out of being. In here there’s no need for eyes.

What used to be my body is now only movement itself, a flow of sounds in fleeting waves. I amplify, refine, diffuse. In this space, nothing can be named. Individual forms no longer exist. All matter expands and contracts together. Breathes in and out. This is crystalline immersion. This is the realisation that a true void exists nowhere, not in nature nor in the mind.

Words by Ailsa Cavers


Full Track Streaming:




Shkedul’s EP “Undefined Places Hidden In My Mind” on Norite
“Outer Rim Territories EP” by lunar convoy on Norite
Bohdan’s EP “Hermeticism” on Norite
“Black Sun EP” by Foreign Material on Norite


Buy Digital:
Norite @ Bandcmap
more soon


Simone Bauer


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