[Special]: Gramofonowa. x NovaFuture Blog – Poland Special | Part 6: “Vis Maior”


Gramofonowa. x NovaFuture Blog – Poland Special

Part 6: “Vis Maior – An Interview with Dorota Smyk”


Interview & Sets:

Hello Dorota – nice to have you for a short interview about Vis Maior and your artist rooster. You are a part of the project Vis Maior. Tell us what is it and what is the concept and the artists behind the projects?
Hi, thank You for invitation to this interview. Vis Maior is a new collective which I create with my friends. Pawiel Wlatkowski and I are responsible for organisation and promotion as well as event production. Michal Jablonski, Violent, Sienn and Sept are the artists. Guys work very hard, they produce music, they continually play at gigs in Poland and abroad there’re also involved in other activities regarding the collective and scene in general. We are a group of friends who share similar passions and similar perception of music. We want to promote music in many ways: by sharing it with the people via internet, social media and events.
Michal Jablonski – “Invite’s Choice Podcast 453”

Sept – “Lost in Ether | Origin Series*”

SIENN – “Lost in Ether | Origin Series*”

Let’s have a look at the nights. Do you regularly organize partys? If so, are they exclusively in Warsaw or also in other cities of Poland or maybe even in other countries?
Together with Michal Jablonski we created a project called Niedorzeczne Techno – the open air techno events by the Vistula river in Warsaw. It was like 3 years ago. This year, after a year of break the series was coming back. The first event was held on May 26th. For the opening party we invited one of our favorite artists – VSK with live act performace. All events are free entrance events. We want to share highest quality music and we hope to reach many people in this way.

Some time ago, Pawiel created Bóg Jest w Techno, a fanpage aimed on promoting proper techno sound. Now together with Sept with strong support of other team members they’re organizing events at the highest level, inviting masters of the genre. After the first season we invited many well recognized artists for their debuts Poland. Due to the high range of this entity we were also able to use this as a platform to empower Niedorzeczne Techno.

We’re all very involved in this project. Thanks to this collaborative effort and the effects of it, we decided to create events also as Vis Maior. We think that due to the potential we gained by gathering forces the best is yet to come.

At last let’s take a look into the future: What are your wishes regarding Vis Maior and the polish techno scene?
Our activities will expand considerably soon. In fact, my wishes are already in the making. I hope everything will go as planned and I will talk more about it soon. What do I wish for the Polish scene? Surely not to slow down. I think everything goes in the right direction.

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