27th October 2017: Cause Of Effect’s 1 Year Anniversary @ Void Club, Berlin (Germany)


Cause Of Effect


Cause Of Effect #5 – 1 Year Anniversary


Date & Time:
27th October 2017 at 11:59pm


Denny Tek Stylee
Deniz Arslan


Void Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
After the eternal silence over Cause Of Effect we’re back to celebrate our 1st anniversary of existence. We are sending out a big Thank You, to everybody who believed and supported us throughout the last year! We appreciate all the love and loyalty. Over the last couple of months we had a rethink, and developed a freshly altered concept for y’all youthful, passionate dancers out there. This being said, we are stoked to announce our new collaboration with VOID Berlin! The embodiment of Pure Underground. Prepare yourselves for a forceful, truly impressive audio – system on both floors.

Line-Up wise, we’ve decided to keep it real, simple and authentic. Our closest, hard talented DJ- Friends from past COE-Events will enrich the night with energetic, uncompromising and individualistic sound, whilst retaining that fundamental old school flair of COE.

Happy to have him with us again! The young passionate techno-DJ and producer from Berlin started his career 1,5 years ago, when he and his partner Acierate founded SYNOID, which is an event series at Griessmuehle known for outstanding line-ups and over-length parties. His sets leap from deep, atmospheric tunes up to heavy oldschool acid, EBM or dark industrial sound textures. He tries to combine a lot of techno genres to compose one powerful, energetic mix.

Saturator35dB & ALF
Our dear fellows Mario aka Saturator35dB and ALF are back on our show! The Stützpunkt members have both performed either solely or back 2 back at numerous Stützpunkt shows. This time though they will play solely. With a solid mixture of edgy, straight Techno, these two friends have the power to transform the dancefloor into a delightfull techno oasis! Simple formular: Highclass grooves and massive vinyl skills will for sure make everybody’s feet move vividly.

Danny Tek Stylee
Straight out of London, Mr. Tek Stylee has started off his musical career in his late teens. Living in Berlin since beginning of 2017, he is starting to settle in more and more. WIth serioulsly outstanding vinyl skills at the ever so frequent Open Decks & Tischtennis im Humboldthain Club, he has managed to draw attention to himself and his performances. There is something about his his energetic joy and passion towards djing, which attracts all the dancers and puts a smile on everyones face. Pounding beyond 135 bpm, he will do it at “100%” We are happy do have him with us!

Revenant, Vælentin & STS200
Our COE representatives will each be performing a sole set at first and eventually merge together as STS200 to close off the show with seriously bangin’ 90’s material. Vælentin is going to provide us a mixture of Tribal, Electro and breakbeats to ensure a varied and uncompromising sound. Our Detroit lover ReVenant on the other hand, will perform a full on Detroit Techno Set compiling funky grooves and thumping basement cuts.

Deniz Arslan
Deniz (straight outta Münster) is a young Berlin based vinyl DJ and producer who has come around quite a bit so far! He plays on a national basis. Additionally he developed the party series Mezzo which took place at Der Stur in his hometown Münster. Chased by new inspiration he moved to Berlin and started the Label Small Talk together with good friends. Expect house & disco vibes in its purest form from a guy that definitely loves what he’s doing.

TheStain aka. Fleck from PHC (Potsdam) will funkin’ out his house grooves for us after a great performance in May. Let’s see which great tunes he has in his sleeves for us this time.

Let’s make this night an unforgettable one everybody!

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Tham – “INDEF Series Podcast #026”

Saturator35dB – “Recorded live at DOGMA III – Contrast”

Denny Tek Stylee – “Acid Punk Royale Promo Mix”

ReVenant – “Rooted To Origins”

Vælentin – “Vinyl Mix 01.17”

STS200 – “C.O.E Cast #6”

Deniz Arslan – “NYE MIX”

TheStain – “Remember Me”


Cause Of Effect
Void Club


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