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დე / DE – Sounds From Georgia


Intergalactic Research Institute For Sounds




Release Date:
21st September 2017


12″ & digital


Rezo Glonti

And They Lost

Forgotten Melodies

Natalie Beridze TBA
Waves Future

კი. სორა. ტორი.

Untitled 4144


Press Info:
The Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound presents DE, a compilation of various artists representing Georgian electronic and ambient music.

დე / DE is a compilation of music from artists of different backgrounds getting together in order to showcase the dynamic influences within the Georgian scene. Tbilisi is getting worldwide recognition at the moment for its booming club scene, but what this project aims to illustrate is what is happening outside of the club context.

Natalie Beridze who has been performing worldwide since 2004 is known as the first female electronic music artist in Georgia, Rezo Glonti has built his studio inside the hull of his boat, and Zesknel is a resident of the renowned Bassiani club, while MIY and Severiane were discovered thanks to Myspace, Soundcloud, and word-of-mouth. All these talents manage in their own ways to present დე / DE, with murky and melancholic cuts.

Melancholia is at the core of beauty in Georgia. That is not the case in Germany and many other cultures, where melancholia is often charged and bound to a negative feeling, which some might perceive as weakness. Consequently, one could be tempted to say that even if it‘s electronic music, DE has a traditional Georgian quality. But that would be putting art in boxes or cases — because what is Georgian art nowadays when so many artists from this origin are scattered around? As Giorgi Maisuradze states in his mission statement for DE, “the world is their home”.

Home is Berlin, for Irakli Kiziria who was born in Tbilisi and has immersed himself in electronic music, not only as a producer and DJ, but also by creating various projects such as STAUB, Moments, or I/Y. For him and many others, დე / DE represents Germany, but also means mother in his native language. This duality that stems from transcending cultures is central in this art project that comes in the year in which we celebrate the Germany-Georgia friendship.

A special event will be organized with all the artists in Berlin on September 21, in a very unusual space where 250 people will have the chance to hear some of the sounds of Georgian modernity: the concert will take place at SILENT GREEN Berlin, Gerichtsstr. 35, from 6 pm.

The Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound is delighted and grateful to have the opportunity to present this project, which symbolizes the importance of art for friendship, brotherhood, and in this specific case the one between Germany and Georgia. The following is a statement from the Intergalactic Institute which marks the creation of the Georgian sound compilation, DE: “We are delighted to present the first communication from the Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound, supported by the Georgian Department of Culture, and reestablishing sound communication between Georgia and Germany in 2017, the year of the Germany-Georgia friendship.”




Full Track Streaming:
Rezo Glonti – “Mentors”

Natalie Beridze TBA – “Waves Future”

Severiane – “Untitled 4144”

Irakli – “Forgotten Melodies”


MYI – “And They Lost”

Natalie Beridze TBA – “Waves Future”

Rezo Glonti – “Mentors”

Irakli – “Forgotten Melodies”

Video for MYI & Rezo by the29nov & Video for Natalie & Irakli by Future Error


Irakli – “DJ Set Berlin 2017”


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