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Georg Bigalke



Georg from Leipzig is the man behind the mix series “45 Minutes of Techno” and spin also some records at Distillery in Leipzig etc. He also produces own tracks and remixes.


hello Georg. Let’s start our small interview with your youth. Where was you born? How was your childhood? What was your favourite music being a teenager, when you began to listen to music?

I am born in Leipzig. My childhood was relaxed, funny, and very inspiring. I was traveling through the days and played much with my friends outdoor in the neighborhood. As a teenager I was listening to NKOTB, East 17, Fanta 4, Queen, Phil Collins, Sting and Bodycount – Just to name a few of my favorites.
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You are known for running the nice podcast series “45 Minutes of Techno”. How did you come with the idea in general and especially in limiting it on 45mins? How do you choose the contributors?
45 minutes of your life are always free to have a little hangout while you are listening to some good music. So it’s the perfect length to listen to some musical short stories. The contributors are always artists that inspired me in a certain way, for example with a certain style of music or deejays with certain type of flow.
You are a DJ yourself. When did you start it? Any specific moment, a situation so you thought “I wanna be a DJ”? Who are your idols? With whom you want to share your stage?
I started Djing in 1998 – Together with some of my best friends I started to build up a little rave series one or two times a year, The series was called “imperial”. That was the specific moment to think about spinning records in front of people. There are so many interesting artists I’d like to meet – I’d say it’s more something like a “melting pot of idols” than just one certain character.
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You played regularly at Leipzig’s Distillery. What is so special about this venue? What do you feel when you start your set there and during the gig?
The distillery is my residency, I started playing there in October 2007. Thanks again to Steffen (Syntax), Marc & Steffen (distillery) – The guys who made this happen.

It feels very special to play there, again and again. It’s like a mystery, I don’t know why. After all this years I’m nervous every time I play there. When I start my sets I’m totally nervous – Every time, again and again. It feels like goosebumps all over my body, like hornets that take off under my skin. 😉

Please tell us a nice anecdote that happened during a gig/tour.
It’s very special, if people come to me to say thank you after listening to one of my sets. Actually there’s just one guy I remember: I was playing 7 o’clock in the morning and he came smiling, sweating and dancing onto the stage. He asked me, if I’d like to have some fruits. I like it, because this question shows a moment of normality surrounded by all the techno madness.
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Could you please name 5 techno records & 5 non techno records you love and play often?
10 favorite tracks I like to play again and again.
→ Wraetlic – Rats
→ Eomac – Angle in the Marble
→ Tommy Four Seven – Ratu
→ Aphey Twin – Tha
→ Phon.O – Twilight (feat. Pantasz)
→ Blawan – 6 to 6 lick
→ I-F – I do because I couldn’t care Less
→ Ben Klock – Journey
→ Inigo Kennedy – Aleph
→ Mathew Johnson – Ghosts in the AI
This feature includes a brand-new track called “Mellartant” which can be downloaded here exclusively for free. When and why did you start with producing? What’s the idea behind this track?

Mellartant describes a certain feeling, like every single track I produced – Mellartant is a certain type of groove. I started producing in 2012 with Zacharias, he is my musical mentor.

More of my output you can find here: Tracks @ Soundcloud

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Music business is a hard business so we guess your don’t earn enough money here for your living. So what do you do at day? What’s your “normal” job? And what about your leisure time… any hobbies that are not connected with music?
Actually I work as a project manager for the east german psychotherapists chamber in Leipzig. Most of my leisure time I spend with my family and friends – Hanging around, drinking coffee and eating some cake. 😉
We are already at the end of our little interview so I would like to know something about your future plans… what’s coming next?
There are some really interesting tracks that are waiting for their release…we’ll see what happens! I am anxious and fidgety ..

Exclusive Track:


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