19th July 2017: New Faces @ Tresor, Berlin (Germany)


Tresor: New Faces


Date & Time:
19th July 2017 at 11:59pm


Anja Kraft


Tresor, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Konstantin & Max are Hedrome, a DJ duo from Berlin. Blanksheet is the Berlin-based techno label founded by Hedrome. Following ‘May’ released November last year, ‘Bottom Line’ is Hedrome‘s first physical EP. The four-tracker takes you through different facets of techno. Its optimized stomping to atmospheric, dreamy techno deepness – indicative of what you can expect from their basement set tonight. Polish DJ Anja Kraft: excellent selection and unique sense – so at a glance you can determine the musical incarnation of Anja Kraft. She is seeking the dark sounds… always perfectly built tension throughout the mix. Courage and intransigence – she is running away from trends and common patterns, showing the audience only her own original vision of electronic music. THNT is from Berlin and part of the DJ collectives Esch-Berlin and Klinsh. Getting exposure in a growing number of underground venues, THNT’s last podcast with friend Josef Gaard features the dark sounds you can expect from his set tonight.


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Hedrome – “Capsule Series 12”

Anja Kraft – “Klangbiotop#1”

THNTS – “Vocalless Podcast #20”


Hedrome‘s “Bottom Line EP” on Blanksheet




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