23rd June 2017: 9 Years of Killekill @ Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


9 Years of Killekill – Family Bang


Date & Time:
23rd June 2017 at 10:00pm


Monya live
Kamikaze Space Programme
DJ Flush
Hanno Hinkelbein
Sebastian Kökow
Fist van Odor
Hang Aoki
Senator live
CEO of NovaFuture
Philipp Drube
Distinctive Jun


Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
9 years of Killekill, that’s 9 years of constant pushing for good music, for independent artists, for something challenging to happen.

It began its journey as a weekly club night at Berghain Kantine. The ominous towering form of the ex-power plant setting the perfect scene for what was to come. The club-nights featured experimental live electronics, banging techno, electro – whatever – and mesmerizing visuals. Word quickly spread: There was a new crew in town and they meant business.

It was not long before the Killekill team shifted their attention towards creating a physical platform through which they could spread their sound across the globe. Thus, Killekill Records was born.
In keeping with the ethos of the club nights, the label sought to forge a new sound, its own sound. Each release combines a love for things new and old – merging the past and future.

It should come as no surprise that each vinyl quickly found its way into record bags of some of the most-respected names in today’s electronic music scene. Aphex Twin, Surgeon, Rob Hall, Luke Slater, Blawan, Perc are but a small few of the many artists who have supported Killekill across the world. Not one to be blinded by success, founder Nico Deuster alias DJ Flush and the Killekill team remain as dedicated to their sonic investigations as they were on night of the very first event; each release uncovering the previously unknown, following a jagged path, deep into uncharted sonic territory, whether it’s techno, acid, electro or abstract electronica.

2017 sees the team continuing to ignore boundaries set by record sales, trends and genres and taking it to the next level.

Stay tuned for our future!
Stau true to the underground!

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Monya – “Killekill Podcast #30”

Kamikaze Space Programme – “Murge Radio – 22/11/2016”

Alienata – “FPR Episode #50”

DJ Flush – “La Rage Mix”

Hanno Hinkelbein – “Death By Rainbow Podcast 1”

Kuno – “R|A|S Records Mix 005”

Sebastian Kökow – “Upperberry Vibrations”

Fist van Odor – “Footfalls Tingling Sensation Of Spaghettification”

Senator – “set at Vision Collector X Griessmuehle openair 25.02.2017”

Tigerhead – “Killekill Podcast #31”

Púca – “SkirmishBlog Live Set”

Exterminador – “Kilekill Podcast 33”

Lyoma – “TOTEMIX Episode 20”

Uri – “By Bye Jeruz MxTP”

CEO of NovaFuture – “Soundscape Mix 091”

Philipp Drube – “Prior Act #014”

Distinctive Jun – “100% Funky Fresh ! 003”




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