10th June 2017: LDH – SATYR #3 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)






Date & Time:
10th June 2017 at 11:59pm


Jerome Sydenham
imaminaki live
Kennst Du Eh Nich b2b Vyrtus
DJ Schwanznaht b2b DJ Forhouth


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
10 EUR


Press Info:
One of the heroes of the underground, his vision of techno is truly incomparable to others. Head honcho of ARTS Recordings, he established a label back in 2013 which housed some of the best talents in the techno scene. Names such as Samuel L. Session, Mark Broom, Jonas Kopp all have a colourful discography under the ARTS Label and in the past few years the label has gone to showcase some of the brightest young talent such as I Hate Models, Keith Carnal, Gëinst, Judas to name a few. His own releases through the years have also shown how mature and fully
fledged his productions has become. Truly an inspiration to lots of young artists out there, we welcome Emmanuel to our ever present party series !

Jerome Sydenham
Jerome requires no introduction to those who know the techno/house music of the 2000’s era. Head honcho of the famous Ibadan Records label, he has been putting music out since the 1990’s and his discography is not limited to a specific genre.
Having lived in New York and now based in Berlin, he infuses the soulful, jazzy and melodic touches of New York and interlaces it to the throbbing minimal, bass induced, dance floor stormers of the Berlin in his music and productions. Widely regarded as a Jack of all trades of techno and house, his set is not to be missed !

The poster boys of the LDH are back with their live set up. The previous show at Kili Club had met with some positive reactions on the dancefloor and they are keen to get their music on the dancefloor once more. With a variety of unreleased tracks, who knows what 2017 could be in store! An official release of their music on vinyl is heavily overdue, so be prepared when it does come out!

kennst du eh nich b2b Vyrtus
LDHs very own “kennst du eh nich” and guest member VYRTUS are back for back2back at SATYR. if you haven’t caught them at last summers 7 hour closing for the LDH Open Air, be prepared for their strange and pushing set. Digging holes into hearts to fill them back up with dancefloor addiction.

AWT Showcase (Dj Forhouth b2b Dj Schwanznaht)
AWT is the sub-label of LDH and consists of the mysterious alter egos of Syazwanov & Dj Neige (from laurent&neige). Always lurking in the murky shadows of the darkroom in berghain, these ghosts have been reportedly practicing the dark arts and techno music, they will set close the party with some thundering techno. Be sure not to miss this one off a showcase !

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imaminaki – “live @ Humboldthain Club 03.10.2015”

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Vyrtus – ” Nerves and Fibers ”


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Arena Club


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