26th May 2016: Esch #007 @ Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)




Esch #007


Date & Time:
26th May 2017 at 11:59pm


CHPTR live
JUDAΣ live
Alfredo Mazzilli
Frank Heise
Korridor live
Citty live
Silva Rymd
Tarek Soltani


Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
More than a year passed since our first event in Griessmuehle and we couldn’t be more happy with the development of our party series since then. It wouldn’t be possible without the huge support we experienced, so it’s our time to say thanks to everyone!

To celebrate all this we will take over Griessmuehle completely for the first ESCH event on two floors. We hope you will join us for this experiment. We could win the mysterious CHPTR for their Berlin premiere, along with a liveset of Judas aka JUDAΣ, Alfredo Mazzilli, Frank Heise and Akmê on the Main Floor. The silo will be home of more tripped out sounds from Korridor, Citty, Silva Rymd and Tarek Soltani. A worthy lineup for the occasion!

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor




CHPTR – “Monument 107”

Alfredo Mazzilli – “ESCH Podcast 009”

Frank Heise – “Dionysos”

Akmê – “striclty confidential files #003”

THNTS – “ErrorSessions Podcast 074”

Korridor – “Live PA @ Hold Tight, Manchester, England 2017”

Citty – “Technopoetry Podcast 145 ”

Silva Rymd – “The Forgotten XCVIII”

Tarek Soltani – “Oslated Mix Episode 27”




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