05th May 2017: Cause Of Effect #04 @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Cause Of Effect


Cause Of Effect #4


Date & Time:
05th May 2017 at 11:59pm


Victor b2b Forsberg
Deniz Arslan


Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


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tba EUR


Press Info:
After a relatively short spring break it is time to get things flowing again for our 2nd show in 2017. Our upcoming mid-spring session will of course be held at our infamous venue: Humboldthain Club Berlin. Since, Cause Of Effect is rooted to origins and has been building its foundation upon oldschool vibes, we have yet again put together “the real deal”. With a perfectly balanced and a greatly harmonious selection of reformed, local artists, it is time to unleash something magnificent on May 5th. Prepare yourselves for a vibrant show emitting a diverse selection of freshly spirited, dynamic, uncompromising and original sound!

Lockertmatik aka Stephan S. was born 1979 in Dresden and raised in the district of Striesen. Inspired by Electronic Body Music, Acid and early 1990s Detroit Techno and the famous east german broadcast DT64 (with it’s radio shows Dance Hall or Partyzone) Stephan began to buy records. And listen! First groundbreaking record was the X-101 album on Tresor Records by UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE. Late 1992, early 1993 he began to spin in the chillout at various larger venues. 1993 he heard of the Hard Wax in Berlin and ordered his first stuff there and started collecting records. In 1995 he started deejaying at the then famous Plastic Phreak venues and eventually became a resident and crew member. First experiences with work in record stores in Dresden were Humpty Records (1998) and later HARDWAX Dresden. His releases under his moniker Kryptic Universe so far came out on Mord Records, MDR Official, Phonocake, Psycho Thrill, Sleepy City, shtum, melted recordingss, and Wolfskuil Ltd. In 2011 he started his own label with two friends. It is an honour to have him with us this time!

Victor & Forsberg
Furthermore, we’ve got two local youngsters up in our boat! Two Berlin based vinyl purists which have gained a vast majority of DJ experience the last years. Victor is the founder and owner of the fresh hearted label MAGIC POWER. His vinyl sets are characterized by dynamic acid, breath-taking electro and banging basement cuts, all beyond 135 bpm. He has played at several, notorious festivals in Germany and at Berlin based clubs such as Griessmuehle or ://about party for example. With him standing is Forsberg. A DJ and producer from Berlin, who works at the popular and well-known Berlin based Spacehall Recordstore. Since he has played at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) at the beginning of 2017 things are musically turning out well for him. He and Victor will be playing a luscious b2b set. We are highly excited what our young fellows have up in their sleeves for us!

For the first time in the history of Cause Of Effect rocklike resident ReVenant will be opening out the night with a special set for us. Since, he usually pounds Detroit inspired material beyond 138bpm, it is time for him to try out something new. He will definitely create the perfect entry level euphoria to start off the night, by playing hit inspired tunes. “Pumping UK house and retro techno classics all up in ya face!”

Closing duty belongs to resident Vælentin. As an open minded music/vinyl lover he will always bring up multifarious influences to his mixes. Never sounding the same. We can expect straight stuff this time! 90’s informed. Detroit, breaks n’ electro. Dance or die.

Deniz Arslan
Deniz (straight outta Münster) is a young Berlin based vinyl DJ and producer who has come around quite a bit so far! He plays on a national basis. Additionally he developed the party series Mezzo which took place at Der Stur in his hometown Münster. Chased by new inspiration he moved to Berlin and started the Label Small Talk together with good friends. Expect house & disco vibes in its purest form from a guy that definitely loves what he’s doing.

Also on the upstairs Floor we’ve got our new comer TheStain aka. Fleck from PHC (Potsdam). He will be heating up the dancefloor for the first hours of the night with some great vinyl skills! Housemusic as well as funk can be expected.

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Lockertmatik – “Lock-Cast 001”

Victor – “Krach Podcast Series – 009 ”

Forsberg – “Podcast#001”

ReVenant – “C.O.E Cast #2”

Vælentin – “Vinyl Mix 04.17”

Deniz Arslan – “Serum Podcast023”

TheStain – “Babelsberg Haus”


Lockertmatik – “Interlock 3”

Video created by the29nov films.


Lockertmatik – “Jaku”

Lockertmatik – “M_Lock 4”


Lockertmatik #005
MDR compilation


Cause Of Effect
Humboldthain Club


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