14th April 2017: Oecus @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)






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14th April 2017 at 11:59pm


Ryan James Ford
Arnaud Le Texier
Lawrence Kurt


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


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OECUS is a project that captures the art of dark techno music in all its shades. Born with the new experimental techno scene, it became a real underground party defined by its gloomy theme. Its objective is creating a unique experience supported by emerging artists following this movement.

Ryan James Ford

During the 1990’s while growing up in Calgary Canada, Ryan James Ford was introduced to electronic music through the local rave and club culture. He began to discover, study, and collect the music he heard at these parties which consisted of a mix of Jungle, UK hardcore, Techno, House, IDM, and ambient.

Fast forward almost two decades later to Berlin, where Ryan and his productions found a home in Marcel Dettmann Records. 2015 saw him make his solo debut on the techno stalwart’s label with an atmospheric and ambient leaning techno EP. The five-tracker easily conveys the rich influence IDM has had on personality and his production style.

Although now, predominantly a techno DJ and producer, Ryan’s sets and productions are rich with inspiration from his time spent living in Calgary where he had interests not only in electronic music but also in hip hop, reggae, punk, experimental, and even metal. He began experimenting with production in the early 2000’s but it wasn’t until 2011, with a move to Berlin, that he started investigating his musical capabilities seriously.

Even though two decades have passed since Ryan’s introduction to electronic music, his love for early Warp, Skam, Talkin’ Loud, Metalheads, Novamute, Downwards, etc. can still be heard resoundingly clear in the strength and versatility of his sets and productions. The future will see Ford continue to play out and release on labels that share his like-minded affiliation and roots in the techno community.

Arnaud Le Texier

Arnaud’s career dates back to 1990 when he began managing record shops and building what is now a huge archive of knowledge, taste and musical dedication to his name. His residency at Paris’s Queen and memorable sets around the world perfected Arnaud’s DJ skills, earning him his spot in the worldwide scene where he continues to this day to be a prominent figure. Since 2006 Arnaud lives in London where he is a regular DJ at Fabric since 10 years.
Arnaud runs Children Of Tomorrow since 2011, a label created by Emmanuel Ternois in 2008.

A timeless rawness is the main element of the label. Arnaud is releasing his own music and confirmed talents such as Terrence Dixon, Oscar Mulero, ROD, Jonas Kopp, Ryan Elliott, Samuli Kemppi, Zadig, Antigone, Tensal, Exium, Savas Pascalidis, Antonio De Angelis or Birth Of Frequency. Almost all the releases have been played or charted by artists such as Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Ben Sims, Rodhad, DJ Deep, Chris Liebing or Dave Clarke.
Together with his partners and colleagues Arnaud organises a series of Children Of Tomorrow events in London & abroad that focus on talent.
Since 1999 Arnaud produced different EP’s & remixes for Affin, Bass Culture, Cocoon, Children of Tomorrow, Chronicle, Syncrophone, Safari Electronique, jus to name few. Since 2013 Arnaud is also producing with Antonio De Angelis under Detect Audio’s alias.

Arnaud is one of the true veterans of the London underground music scene. Having been associated or played at every major techno party over the last ten years, Arnaud has kept himself at the very forefront of the scene.

Lawrence Kurt

Lawrence Kurt, Berlin based Italian DJ and producer, came into contact with electronic music in his teenage years. His career is founded on the passion he has developed through the years. Having wanted to contribute more to the techno scene, he started organizing his own party called “OECUS”, at which he has boosted his feeling and contact with the audience. The passion for electronic music has grown over the years leading him into the world of production.

During his performances he encountered some of the most respected DJs and producers of the electronic scene who strongly influenced his productions which can be identified by their consistency and their combination of techno grooves and melodies.


Casual form of Karol Rakowski.
For over ten years, VJ and multimedia director.
He has performed at all of the music festivals in Poland, working with artists such as Skalpel, Miloopa , Oszibarack. In the theatre he works with Krystian Lupa , Jan Klata and many more. He is an Art Director at Wrocław Multimedia Fountain and was working with Brian Eno on the multimedia project.
He was responsible for the visual effects in the Oscar’s nominated movie “ Rabbit a la Berlin “
For many years fascinated with electronic music. SLAP group’s founder/father, enthusiast of a powerfull and high end sound , Dj and an energetic dancer.
His sets are always different and strongly linked with his emotions. Each set of this guy is unique.


Italian Berlin based artist Monovsn, focuses his music on dark techno atmospheres, as well as experimental drones, always trying to report natural and complex feelings in his tracks. His sets combine elements of ambient and techno. He released on Vinyl for the Berliner label Theatre Records and recently he published a LP for the French label Lunar Limited. He’s also member and founder of the Oecus project established in Berlin 2016. After many years in studio production, he played in our showcases in Berlin and around Europe and also preparing a podcast for the famous Invite’s Choice series.

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Arena Club


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