01st April 2017: Pleasure @ Gildenzaal Schaffen, Diest (Belgium)






Date & Time:
01st April 2017 at 10:00pm


Kevin de Vries
Escape To Mars
I Can’t b2b Minus7


Gildenzaal Schaffen, Diest (Belgium)


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After our Belgian night in Schaffen we didn’t want to let too much time pass before we came back to the venue, with this time, one of our favorite line-ups to date.

On April 1st (no, it’s not a joke) we’ve invited who we believe will be at the forefront of the new generation of Techno coming from Berlin.

We’ve invited 3 (!) of our favorite upcoming Techno artists from Berlin to join us for our next edition.

As we’ve gotten to know them personally over the past years we’ve learned that on top of their amazing music, these guys also have their heart and mind in the right place. They’re not only friends of ours, but also know each other quite well.. Safe to say, these guys are part of one big Techno family that we just can’t wait to have over!

Keep an eye on our page in the coming week to learn the names of our April 1st edition!

But in the meantime, try your luck at the pictures used in the banner!

Kevin de Vries
One of the new lights shining from Berlin with a beautiful combination of intricate deep atmospheres, a driving bassline, and a beautiful climax. Recently Kevin De Vries has been announced for Extrema Outdoor Belgium , but we here at Pleasure will be the first to bring this talented man to Belgium! Ever since ‘Journey Trough Life’ we have been a big fan and are happy to see him get the exposure he finally deserves. We can’t wait to welcome him on our stage!

Hailing from the depts of Berlin’s underground we present the new up and coming youngster in the darkside of the scene with his driving basslines and complex percussive elements. Finding his home on one of our favourite labels, Modul, it’s tracks like ‘Bruised’ and ‘A Space Odyssey’ that quickly got him charted with Berghain Music’s finest in Techno, Kobosil, and also landed him in Rebekah’s playlist. For us however it goes back to his track ‘404’ where we first heard of him; And ever since seeing him play in Berlin at Modul’s homebase Arena Club we’ve been in love with his energy and passion for the genre.

Escape To Mars
With countless amazing tracks such as ‘Caught on Planet Earth’, ‘Traveller’, ‘Luminary’, and ‘Intergalactic Error’, this young man from Berlin is quickly rising to the spotlights all across Europe. With an upcoming vinyl on Subjected’s Vault Series, and together with Parallx on his own imprint Modul, he’s been picked up in regular rotation by some of the greatest in Techno.

I Can’t & Minus7
Our beloved residents will be here to warm up the dancefloor for this spectacular night! After their successful release on @Unlike:U’s first digital release we are curious to see what this b2b will bring to the floor!

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Kevin de Vries – “Data Transmission Mix of the Day”

Parallx – “Modul Podcast 015”

Escape To Mars – “Grey Area Podcast”

I Can’t – “Techified podcast #23 @Fnoob Radio”

Minus7 – “Pleasure Recordings 005”


Kevin de Vries – “Out Of Mind”

Parallx – “Lost In Time”

Escape To Mars – “Intergalactic Error”

Escape To Mars & Parallx – “Infrared Explorer”


“MODX001” by Escape To Mars & Parallx on Modul
“Lost In Time” by Parallx on ARTS
“MOD006” by Escape To Mars on Modul
“We Are All Prisoners” by Kevin De Vries on Advanced


Blakksheep Booking for Kevin De Vries




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