[Special]: Gramofonowa. x NovaFuture Blog – Poland Special | Part 2: “Electrified.”


Gramofonowa. x NovaFuture Blog – Poland Special

Part 2: “Electrified – An Interview with Anja Kraft”


Interview & Sets:

Hello Anja – nice to have you for a short interview about you, electrified. and the young polish technoscene. You are a part of electrified. Tell us what is it and what is the concept and the artists behind the project?
I created electrified. in 2007 when I was started broadcasting my own mixes. I decided to go with the flow only on my way – I was so in love with old trance progressive tracks those days but I was discovered also a very dark and experimental music which now Im calling techno. Team focused DJs and also my close friends from polish electronic scene: Zariush, Yellen and Maciej Głębocki.
Yellen – “Gramofonowa.Podcast *Jan.2017*”

Anja Kraft – “Gramofonowa.Podcast *Oct.2016*”

In the past you have played for raut – please tell us a about it and why the partys are closed?
Around two years ago Marta invited me to join the team so we could work together. I left electrified. for a year to make RAUT’s things happen. 🙂 We did some good parties during the 12 months of existence. I had a lot of fun. But after this one year break I decided to go back to the roots I mean my beloved child electrified.
Are the individual crews and promoter cross-linked among each other?
Polish electronic scene is very weird and divided. Some crews working together and supporting each other. But some of them… not. I think the whole scene here is so small that crews should support theirs parties and actions to develop it.
Anja Kraft
(Anja Kraft)
Which international artists/crews have influence of you and personal of electrified.? Does the west play a bigger role or does influence also come from the east like russia etc.?
Thats the funny fact but I see clearly now why progressive music affected me. I hear it in my selection, in the style Im mixing tracks, in the little things I love in some songs. I don’t know if only west but yes I love music from South America especially Argentina and I adore also scandinavian sounds. On the other hand Im insanely in love with Georgia’s Khidi and Bassiani.
At last let’s take a look into the future: What are your wishes regarding electrified. and the polish technoscene?
To be honest I don’t have any wishes. I will be watching both grow.

Exclusive Set by Zariush:


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