[Special]: Gramofonowa. x NovaFuture Blog – Poland Special | Part 1: “Behind The Stage”


Gramofonowa. x NovaFuture Blog – Poland Special

Part 1: “Behind The Stage – An Interview with ISNT”


Interview & Sets:

Hello ISNT – nice to have you for a short interview about you, Behind the Stage and the young polish techno scene. You are a part of Behind The Stage. Tell us what is it and what is the concept and the artists behind the project?
Hi, thank You for invitation to this interview. BTS is group of people where are music producers, dj’s, graphic designers. Each BTS member brings something remarkable, each of us has their own style and this combination allows to create a character of BTS. There are two girls in our team, me and VTSS, and guys: Fau, Rraph, Eastern Renaissance, Amandra and Abu Zeinah.

We were always focused on ambient, industrial, hypnotic and dark side of techno music. But we are open to music, and we are constantly looking for new sounds. We invited more famous artist to our partys or podcast but the priority has always been to focus and promote more people who produce interesting music but are not so known.

There are a lot of very talented artists who for example just start or don’t know how to promote themselves, so we try to find them and present them to wider audience. In the same time we are trying to popularize on polish clubbing scene this kind of music that fascinates us.

Rraph – “Lost In Ether Origin Series”

VTSS – “Othercult Podcast 05”

Eastern Renaissance – “Invite’s Choice Podcast 256”

Fau – “Container Podcast 82”

Abu Zeinah — “Remotel”

Amandra – “Live @ Macao, Milan, Amandra 25.03.2016”

Are the individual crews and promoter cross-linked among each other?
Yes, We cooperate with each other on many levels. We help each others promotes events, invite us each other to play on partys, sometimes we just go together for a drink and talk about life. Some of us are good friends in private lives.
Which international artists/crews have influence of the actuality scene and personal of behind the stage? Does the west play a bigger role or does influence also come from the east like russia etc.?
There is no nationality for music to us. You can see it in our podcasts, we have mixes/live sets from people who are living in west and east as well.
How do authorities react on raves? (conservative government)?
Till now we have no problems, everything is legal, we can still play and dance.
At last let’s take a look into the future: What are your wishes regarding behind the stage and the polish techno scene?
My only wish is progress and good cooperation for both

Exclusive Set by ISNT:


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