03rd March 2017: Cause Of Effect #03 @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Cause Of Effect


Cause Of Effect #3


Date & Time:
03rd March 2017 at 11:59pm


Sawlin live
Manuel Münster


Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


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tba EUR


Press Info:
After a long-term break over Christmas and New Year’s Eve we are truely ecstatic to announce our comeback! For the first show in 2017, taking place at our beloved venue Humboldthain Club, we have planned something special, maybe even something unexpected. Cause Of Effect #3 will not only be embracing a variety of Dj Set performances, it will now for the first time also consist of a powerful Live Performance by our exclusive Vault Series artist: Sawlin. This upcoming night will for sure push borders of stimulation. Prepare yourselves for an electrifying show emitting a diverse selection of freshly spirited, dynamic, uncompromising and original sound!

The secretive and mystical Berlin based artist has been enriching the underground scene for at least 10 years now. With a raw, industutrial, unique and experimental approach to electronic music he has been highly influential for many DJ’s and Live acts all around the world. With him strictly calling himself a Live Act, not a DJ, it is clear how uncompromising his interpretation of techno is. Without the influence of Sawlin’s impeccable style, sound, ideas and perception, the well know, artistically serious techno label “Vault Series” (founded by Subjected), might not have been established or established with purpose. Sawlin, Subjected and Mørbeck all connect beneath the same roof. They meet regularly to share ideas, to support each other and undoubtedly to produce music. Furthermore, they make up a harmonious unity of friendship! Sawlin is regularly releasing on labels such as: VAULT SERIES (Germany), ARTS (Italy), Electric Deluxe (Netherlands), ANN AIMEE (Netherlands), 10 LABEL (Japan), Sleaze Records (UK), Cocoon (Germany) and Technorama Records (France). We are overly thrilled to see how he injects his power to the dancefloor!

Manuel Münster
Manuel made his move to the German capital in 2008. His musical socialization was rooted in Hardcore Punk and Metal, but attending a techno party shortly after having arrived in Berlin has opened up a musical world to him that was beyond his perception up until that point. Taking advantage of Berlin’s countless record stores dedicated to electronic music, he quickly assembled a respectable collection of 12″s and eventually decided to give DJing a try himself. Making his way from playing small bars and parties, he became a regular DJ at Tresor from 2011 on. In 2013 he further shapened his musical profile with putting on his own club nights called Escapism in various locations throughout the city. The record label of the same name emerged in 2016 with the help of a friend, giving friends and artists who have played the party a plattform to release their music. Staying true to Techno’s political dimension, Manuel’s DJ-sets are reflecting his perception of the world surrounding him. While mostly bleak and repetitive, groove is always the key element. It’s this focus that allows him to challenge audiences without ever losing touch. We are happy to have him with us!

Tham is a young passionate techno-DJ and producer from Berlin, where he got in touch with different styles of electronic music. He started his career 1 year ago, when he and his partner Acierate founded SYNOID, which is an event series at Griessmuehle known for outstanding line-ups and over-length parties. His sets leap from deep, atmospheric tunes up to heavy oldschool acid, EBM or dark industrial sound textures. He tries to combine a lot of techno genres to compose one powerful, energetic mix. We are excited what he will unleash for us on our first show!

The night of course, will be hosted by our solid residents: Vælentin & ReVenant. For the first time since the establishment of Cause Of Effect, they will merge together to form one sleek entity: STS200. Their set will showcase a Detroit inspired approach embracing an edgy, wild and aggressive style. Prepare yourselves for a magnificent compilation unfolding rhythmic/funky grooves, driving techno cuts and banging basement beats with old-school tendencies. It’ll definately be one bumpy electronic ride! Enough said.

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Sawlin – “Voltage Podcast 003”

Manuel Münster – “Shape Of Void Podcast 011”

Tham – “Vitamin Podcasts 027”

ReVenant (part of STS200) – “Rooted To Origins”

Vælentin (part of STS200) – “Selected´s closing 03.10.2015”


Sawlin – “Im Kessel”

Sawlin – “Alpra”

Sawlin – “In meiner Mitte”

Videos created by the29nov films.


“Vault Series 14.0” by Sawlin on Vault Series
EP “In Meiner Mitte” by Sawlin on Code Is Law


Little Big for Sawlin
Escapism for Manuel Münster


Cause Of Effect
Humboldthain Club


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