21st December 2016: New Faces @ Tresor, Berlin (Germany)


Tresor: New Faces hosted by Herrensauna


Date & Time:
21st December 2016 at 11:59pm


Line-up & Time Table:
00:00-02:30 Cem b2b MCMLXXXV
02:30-05:00 Sedvs
05:00-06:30 Stock Projects live
06:30-end Anselm


Tresor, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Unequal Records was founded 2016 by Anselm from Frankfurt am Main and is mainly focused on his own productions. It ranges between spaced out analog sounds and industrial influenced techno. Until now three EPs were released and another one will follow soon – the guys from Vienna imprint Bare Hands are also involved. Founded in 2014, in order to release their own output on vinyl, the Vienna-based label Bare Hands, a collective consisting of Daniel Hartl alias SEDVS, Julian Derkits and Manuel Cyrill of live performers Stock Projects, stays true to the DIY approach. Focused on a sonic spectrum rooted in New wave, Post-Punk, EBM and Industrial, which are vigorously re-contextualized into an electronic environment by the label. Unconventional and single-minded. Hailing straight from Lower Austria, SEDVS, the solo project of Daniel Hartl has become synonymous with forward-thinking techno and electronic music. Being part of Bedlam and the previously featured duo Herla, the idea behind his solo effort focuses on the intersection between Noise, Dark Wave and industrial soundscapes without straying away too far from Techno. Drawing influences from early Birmingham-rooted spheres of the 80’s Post-Punk / EBM movement, the founder of Bare Hands recently put out the highly anticipated Pieces Of Agitation EP. Utilising the vast soundscapes offered by modular synthesis as well as the accuracy that is accessible with a digital setup, Stock Projects’ performance ranges from electrifying techno, percolated through the inspiration drawn from the early UK sound palette, to more eclectically infused spheres. The duo’s improvised live performances correspond directly with their audience, creating a tangible level energy throughout their set. Being the collaborative effort of Bare Hands co-founders Julian Derkits (Bedlam) and Manuel Cyrill, the duo released their first EP on their own label in 2016, prepping a release for early 2017. Herrensauna is an underground techno party and mindset, with a retained focus on quality music, crowd and self-expression, presenting residents CEM b2b MCMLXXXV tonight.

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Sedvs – “Herrensauna #4”

Anselm – “NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2016”

Cem – “Sticky Fingers”



Anselm – “Gral”

Sedvs – “Lust”

Anselm – “Planet”


Anselm’s EP “Welten” on Unequal
Sedvs’ EP “Pieces Of Agitation” on Bare Hands
Anselm’s EP “Gral” on Unequal




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