17th December 2016: Cause Of Effect #02 @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Cause Of Effect


Cause Of Effect #2


Date & Time:
17th December 2016 at 11:59pm


Saturator35dB & Alf


Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
We are overly thrilled to announce the return of our series “Cause Of Effect” at Humbolthain Club Berlin! After a longer break we are back at it again with some truely intriguing young talents. As with every show we do, we focus on aqcquiring an refined & tasteful selection of local artists situated in Berlin. Futurewise, we will additionally start hosting C.O.E on a thursday night! As for this night, equip yourselves for an electrifying show, radiating young hearted, energetic, uncompromising and individualistic sound.

Janzon Runge aka Janzon is a depthful and thought-provoking dj/producer, being greatly influenced by IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Techno, Leftfied and other genres from which he developed his very own, unique sound. With Janzon’s take on Techno focusing on big kicks, intricate percussion and hardware influenced synth lines, he has managed to brand his name into the Techno scene with respectable releases on Mørbeck’s label Code Is Law for the past three years. He released his very first solo EP “The Primal Scream” in 2014, followed up by “Twisted Dust” in 2015. These releases have progressively gained extensive awareness by music experts and true enthusiasts. Since 2014, Janzon is a resident at the Lehmann Club, embracing highly innovative and creative dance nights in Stuttgart, Germany. We are very pleased to have him on our 2nd show and are excited about his interpretation of highgrade electronic music!

Saturator35dB & Alf
Consisting of two young artists from Berlin, Mario aka Saturator35dB and Alf make up part of the Stützpunkt Team in Berlin. In the past they have both performed either sololey or together (b2b) at numerous Stützpunkt shows. Furthermore, they have frequently participated at the fabulous Der Tischtennisclub & Open Decks every tuesday, showing off their newest selection of fine Vinyl. With a solid mixture of stomping house and edgy, straight Techno, these two friends have the power to transform the dancefloor into a delightfull techno oasis! Simple formular: Highclass grooves and massive vinyl skills, will for sure make everybody’s feet move vividly. We are excited to have them with us!

With his last opening set at our Cause Of Effect Debut Show, Vælentin is now moving more into the middle of the night. As a talented and open minded individual he will perform a more “Full-On Mix” consisting of straight and driving sound textures.

Holding the last slot of the night’s line-up, we got beserk ReVenant. With his edgy, wild and aggressive style at the last show’s party he managed to fire up the dance floor into a realm of puristic maniacs. For our 2nd C.O.E show our Detroit Lover will provide us with a compilation of funky grooves and thumping basement cuts with old-school tendencies.

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Janzon – “@ Institut fuer Zukunft – Leipzig 20.12.2014”

Saturator35dB – “@ Stützpunkt 05.02.2016”

Vælentin – “@ Selected´s closing 03.10.2015”

ReVenant – “Classic 90’s Detroit Mix”


Janzon – “Run with the Pack”

Janzon – “Rove Contact”

Janzon – “Genetic Defect”

Janzon – “Poetry In Motion”

Videos “Run with the Pack” & “Poetry In Motion” created by the29nov films. Videos “Rove Contact” & “Genetic Defect” made by ThousandBits.


Saturator35dB – “Never”

Saturator35dB – “Take 1 (it’s A 303)”


“Twisted Dust EP” by Janzon on Code Is Law
sampler “Wolves” w/ Janzon track on Code Is Law


Code Is Law for Janzon


Cause Of Effect
Humboldthain Club


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